I also believe:  Bill Gates and John Kerry are friends of the little man.The people attending the meetings in Davos are looking out for my interests. There is no lawfare in the USA.Fani Willis is a credible prosecutor.Antifa and BLM are good. Proud Boys and Oath keepers are bad…just look at the millions of dollars of destruction they have done.Taking down statues of our history is good. We certainly don't need to be reminded of those distasteful events in history. Being woke is good. Choose your own gender. You are in charge. There are plenty of choices, or just make one up. Pay no attention to those pesky chromosomes.Men who identify as women definitely need to compete in women's sports. It's good for their mental health as they can't win against men. Forget about the women's feelings.Gloria Steinem and the feminist movement must be all in on men competing....not a peep. Drag queens in schools and them reading to kids in libraries is good. They are only there to help.The literature there needs more diversity...filth is good.Prayer in school is bad.Schools are not indoctrinating students to be liberals.Colleges….ditto, only doing a better job of it. The only way to give the children a better education is more money, much more money. Results, oh, never mind.There should be more litter boxes in schools. Linn Mar is a good example.There is no Government censorship happening. That is a conspiracy theory.There is no invasion at our southern border. Just ask Biden and Harris.This administration's goal is not to make us a 3rd world country. Thank the UN for the 1.6 billion they would be spending to help said invasion if there was one. What country is the largest contributor to the UN?Wearing a mask prevents covid. Ask Fauci...OOPS, depends on the day, and what he said.CDC speaks only the truth in their statistics.There were no flu deaths during COVID-19.The oceans are rising at such a rapid rate that climate believers may have to sell their beachfront properties in another hundred years.The Statue of Liberty needs a lifejacket.Nancy Pelosi was just saving the taxpayer's money by not calling in the National Guard on J6 as Trump asked her to. The J6 pipe bombs weren't planted. Trump is a dictator and will ruin this country. There hasn't been this much Kool-aid poured in this country since Jim Jones had his party.I see a rainbow out the window (the only real thing in this writing) and I have to go out and feed my farting Unicorns...Dave Coots


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PK January 28, 2024, 5:09 pm DC...Always nice to chuckle on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Thank you!!

Had to wear a hard hat lately? The BIG man in Washington can show you just how it goes on our head.

Seems like the HOTTEST topic now with the American voters has become the BORDER. The BORDER!! Well...

Apparently, some people who were dozing when the news and videos of the mobs of illegal immigrants or migrants or whatever you call them HAVE BURST into OUR America. People are finally beginning to realize what these people are costing us and will cost us nearly forever. [Three meals a day...a roof over their heads, clothes on their back, and free medical care.] Our seniors and poor families and vets would love and appreciate that from our current government. And what about education for the children? Should they be shoved into classrooms of our already overworked and underpaid teachers?

Ask Biden...Remember, He told us once that he taught at Pennsylvania University. [No proof!!] Maybe that was erroneously placed on a teleprompter. Huh?]

I am still having a difficult time figuring out what people do about voting when the choices are Biden and Trump.
DO YOU VOTE FOR THE BEST OF THE WORST???? Maybe everyone should fill in the blank.

Regardless...Ho Hum...Thanks DC!!!
GB January 29, 2024, 3:13 am DC.. Awesome!

PK- when it comes down to voting for either one, vote for their policies and not their personalities..

RB January 29, 2024, 1:18 pm I'll add some. Nuke a hurricane. Put disinfectant up you butt to kill Covid. Mexico will build the wall. It's like the flu. I don't know that woman. As soon as that guy says believe me you know he is full of bs. It's great to have a convicted rapist and felon being the Republican's nominee for president. He's like a farting unicorn wearing an orange juimpsuit.
PK January 29, 2024, 2:38 pm GB...Still very very tough to do!! I may fill in the blank and support to the end the man I promised. Remember...a person's word and their signature represent who they are. The saddest part of this election is that I am going to be 76 in May, and I may not get to vote for President again. And I want to cast a real vote for Ron DeSantis and see him sworn in.
PK January 29, 2024, 4:48 pm RB...A marvelous addition!!!
VB January 29, 2024, 7:43 pm DC, I love your humor!! PK & GB, if you want to write someone in, write in Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Go to Truthfreedomhealth.com & listen to this man. He's very intelligent, & he explains exactly how both Republicans, & Democrats are paid for, & what we need to do to rebuild outside this two party, extremely corrupted system.
GB January 29, 2024, 9:06 pm RB,
Not sure what news you have been watching but to my knowledge, Trump is not a convicted felon and he has never been criminally charged or convicted of Rape in any criminal court in any state. Could it be the kangaroo impeachment hearings the Dems held? If you are refering to the civil trial, that was not over defamation. You should do some research so you can have a better understanding of a subject before you just throw something out there.

Pk, I like DeSantis as well. You could always write his name in on the ballot.
The fake trial trials by the weaponized Department of Justice backfired on the Radical Democrats and Crooked Joe Biden and has started a cause in this country that has elevated Trump in the eyes of the American people. Americans do not like what's going on at the border and they do not approve of the double standards with regards to Justice. Based on everything that has been jacked up with everything Biden touches, it makes it really easy to vote for Trump rather a person likes his personality or not. His policies are far superior than the screwed up clown show of incompetent fools we have had under this administration.
PK January 30, 2024, 9:04 am GB...Doesn't take much thought to rank Trump's policies high above those of Joe Biden. Does Biden have any? He's too busy worrying about menthol cigarettes and gas stoves and light bulbs. [Didn't he offer to give VP Harris an electric stove as a reward for doing a "swell job" with the border crisis?? Or was I misinformed??] It's amazing to me that suddenly the president realizes there is a border CRISIS. [Could he actually be listening to the American people finally, or did someone tell him on his teleprompter??] Perhaps his brilliant press secretary?? [Oh, sorry...I forgot her only comments are, "I wasn't aware of that." and "I'd have to check on that."] The president doesn't know the answer either. How odd!!
And the highlight of this week is that the president's campaign people want to enlist Taylor Swift to bolster Biden's falling popularity. Isn't that a high note? [Is Travis a Democrat?]
Should-Heaven forbid-Biden get in again, we could have more illegal immigrants in the good ol' USA than American citizens.
PK January 30, 2024, 2:37 pm Extra...Extra...Read all about it!!!!!

President Biden has just informed America that he has done everything he can possibly do to secure the border.

[IF anyone believes that, then look out your door for Publisher's Clearing House!!]
GB January 30, 2024, 11:35 pm I read that in some of these sanctuary cities, they are going to start asking people to allow "Illegal" immigrants to move into their homes.. Biden makes a mess of everything he touches.. He should not only be impeached but convicted and move to Mexico. He can take his entire crime family with him and most of the Democrats in DC can go to. I honestly have no idea how they can look at the mess they have created and now hide in shame.
PK January 31, 2024, 9:46 am GB...On target once again!!! I might even chip in a few bucks from my extremely "generous" social security check to help rent the moving van. Mexico would be an excellent place for the entire bunch!! The BIG question is, Will Mexico allow him to cross their border???
GB January 31, 2024, 10:28 pm PK,
Mexico would take them into custody as soon as they cross the border into Mexico if it was not a legal crossing. There are plenty of examples in the past few years. I remember one being a Marine who made a wrong turn and they held him I believe for weeks or maybe months. Obama was President and he didn't lift a finger to help him.
The Biden Crime Family would fit into the whole corrupt system in Mexico. Call it a Mexican stand- off..
I wonder if the Cartels in Mexico have office parties. If they do.. Crooked Joe Biden would be a shoe-in for the greatest supporter of the year for all of them. Well, he is likely getting a kick back from the Cartels also just like he is from China, Ukraine and even Russia. He sold out America and sold his soul to the devil..
PK February 1, 2024, 9:11 am GB...Well done!!! What really rubs me the wrong way is that the Biden administration can work out the terms for getting a WNBA player released and home but NOT a Marine who served his country. Look how long he has been held captive. How does he feel every day about being abandoned by his country? VERY SAD!!!
PK February 2, 2024, 12:51 pm GB...I came across this early this morning after I had my black coffee.

The difference between Humans and animals...
Animals would NEVER allow the dumbest ones to lead the pack.

Time for a change!!! Enough said...
GB February 2, 2024, 10:28 pm PK, you are absolutely correct. Humans were just smart enough to get around natural selection. Some used to get eaten by apex predators while out in the woods picking wildflowers and chasing Unicorns. Inevitably they would find cute bear cubs to hug on and momma bear would follow the laws of nature and consume the unarmed idiot (remember guns are bad)and natural selection would remove that individual from the gene pool. Once warning labels started to appear and humans thinned the population of predators, the Idiots thrived. They no longer had any natural threats. Once in a while we witness this process of natural selection on the news or videos when people try to take selfies with Bison and even Grizzly Bears in our Natural Parks..
PK February 3, 2024, 2:46 pm ATTENTION: Did everyone see the story about what NYC is doing?? $53 million for pre-paid credit cards for migrants. It is to help them buy food and baby supplies. [Don't we have any American families who could use help too??] I'm 110% Sure they won't do anything else with the money such as alcohol, drugs, or selling them to someone else.

Supposedly all of them are already getting 3 meals a day. Wake up America...

PK February 4, 2024, 2:39 pm President Harris is something the entire country should be worried about!!!!! OMG!!!!!
GB February 4, 2024, 10:40 pm PK,
That is in addition to the pre-paid credit cards they get when they cross the border. Just imagine the Americans who could be helped if Biden actually cared about Americans. He is neglect in his duties to protect this country. He is dead set on bringing in all these illegal aliens thinking they will all become Democrats and thus effectively making America a one party state. The fool makes a total mess out of everything he touches! The man is some kind of freak clown with a dark agenda. He is so lacking in competence with everything! Just like when he released a huge amount of the Petroleum Reserve putting it on the market and telling America it would help our fuel prices. We'll it didn't. In fact when he put it on the market, China bought up the biggest part of it! Yes, China! How damn stupid can one man be??? Every single thing he does is a screwed up mess and benefits China, Ukraine, Iran and every country but America! I'm getting sick and tired of that clown with all the other Libs in that swamp called DC putting these other countries first. I would also include some Republicans like Mitch McConnell in that group of clowns. I'm ready for anyone who will make America first!