Dear Editor,

To D.E. and others --- Thus: total abortions 1973 - 2021 - 63,459,781 -- from a google search. That is 48 years. Thus 63,459,781 Divided by 48 = 13,220,078 divided by 365 = 3,622 per day. Your math sucks and anyway, if I am off by a few thousand - does it make a difference? Still, millions of preborns were killed. And the big question --- those who espouse abortion on demand --- your Mom chose life. Think about that. So am I wrong in my stats on abortion or are you? Fess up!

Thankfully since Roe v Wade was overturned the number of abortions have decreased - a truism. And thanks to and the numbers will continue to decline.

I will continue to shoulder my Christian beliefs. Look to the book of Genesis written by Moses thru the finger of God. First, there was Adam, and then God decided that He should have a companion. The rib was taken and Women came as that companion. Let no man put that life union asunder. Then the commingling occurred and children came. The first two were not without sin, but there were others after - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; our Jew/Christian theology came from those. Then the Tablet with one of the commandments - "thou shall not kill",

Chose life - your Mother did.


John Stiegelmeyer


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KH February 27, 2024, 11:06 am According to the CDC, there were 3,664,292 births in the United States in 2021. At 3600 abortions a day, we are running at a deficit of almost 4:1. That's unsustainable as a society!

It's high time we addressed this deficit: the rest of the world needs to start aborting their fair share!
RS February 27, 2024, 1:09 pm John,
You do realize that 3,000 times 365 is 1,095,000, well above the actual number of procedures in 2021 when the last year stats are available? During 2012-2021, abortions fell by 10.5% long before the Dobbs decision. To prop up your opinion by claiming that decrease is because of Dobbs is disingenuous.

Since you want more babies born, I would think that you would be loudly objecting to the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision that could prevent families from using the IVF procedure to facilitate a pregnancy. The decision is direct collateral damage from the Dobbs decision.

There seems to be many people who do not have any idea about IVF or basic reproduction and are turning themselves into knots trying to state an opinion on the matter. Where is your concern for the parents who want children but will be fearful of repercussions from the IVF procedure?

Or do you not understand that IVF usually requires multiple embryos before one of those could be the beginning of a pregnancy? If every embryo is considered a person, the physician or patient, in this warped scenario, could be charged with murder because it took let us say, 10 embryos to produce one viable fetus. The Alabama and Dobbs decision opens the door for more draconian opinions and legislation that places unqualified strangers into the private medical decisions of others. Would you like random people deciding how you should treat your prostate? Just asking.
Rosemary Schwartz
JH February 27, 2024, 2:32 pm I did a bit of digging. John's number may be rather accurate. I agree with John. Abortion is a tragedy. It affects a person not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. It affects how our nation has gone down a hideous path. See the news reports!

Like the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible (Luke 15: 11-32), we and our nation have paid the price for doing life "my way, on my terms." The prodigal son came back home after he learned that his Father (God) was the real deal. He came back to being a "true son" of the "true Father."

He was met with love forgiveness, acceptance, joy, and provision of all his needs. No condemnation.

It's like that today for any who would seek their Father God in any sitution, including past abortion.

I have seen too many women and even men, have tears well up in their eyes when they speak of their decision to abort a past pregnancy.

My findings:

Guttmacher Institute defines themselves by the following:
“Good reproductive health policy starts with credible research.”
“The Guttmacher Institute is a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide.”
(source: About | Guttmacher Institute )
“The Guttmacher Institute’s Abortion Provider Census (APC), fielded every three years since 1974, is the most comprehensive data collection effort on abortion provision in the United States. It collects data on abortion incidence and care from every known abortion provider in the United States. 
(source: Monthly Abortion Provision Study | Guttmacher Institute)
Here is their data on first 11 months of 2023
(source: Monthly Abortion Provision Study | Guttmacher Institute )

Lowest # of abortions/month was Nov 2023 – 82,100 abortions which is 2,736/day
Highest # of abortions/month was Feb 2023 – 96,100 abortions which is 3,203/day

That equals out to about 2,969 abortions/day. Close to John's quote of 3,000/day

Consider also that abortion numbers are not required to be reported to the CDC, so their numbers would likely be lower.

JANUARY 17, 2024
National Increase in Abortion 
(source: Number of Abortions in the United States Likely to Be Higher in 2023 than in 2020 | Guttmacher Institute )
In the first 10 months of 2023, there were an estimated 878,000 abortions in the formal US health care system, 94% as many abortions as were provided in 2020 (930,000). Approximately 88,000 abortions have been provided in the formal health care system per month so far in 2023, so with two months of data yet to be published, it is very likely that the total number of abortions provided in 2023 will substantially exceed 2020 numbers.
The actual increase in abortions is likely even larger than these numbers suggest because these counts do not include abortions occurring outside the formal health care system, which are likely to have increased substantially following the implementation of state bans and restrictions.  

CDCs Abortion Surveillance System FAQs | CDC

Are states and jurisdictions required to report their abortion data to the CDC?

No, states and jurisdictions voluntarily report data to CDC for inclusion in its annual Abortion Surveillance report. CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health prepares surveillance reports, as data become available. There is no national requirement for data submission or reporting.
JS February 27, 2024, 5:48 pm Rosemary:

Good grief you do go on. I make no judgement to those women who kill their unborn - that judgement is well above my pay grade. They and other share an enormous burden. I can hope that through Preborn and birthright many pregnant women change their mind and chose life. That is all. The number I quoted was from a Google search 63M plus in 48 years (1973-2021) is a tragic number. But it is what it is - no question that is a correct number. More than KIAs in Korea and Vietnam including Iraq and Afghanistan - that alone should give us all pause. The most correct choice is to --- choose life.
John Stiegelmeyer
RS February 27, 2024, 8:50 pm John,
So I take it that you are ok with depriving people the ability to use IVF as a means to become pregnant. Not very pro-life.
Rosemary Schwartz
RB February 28, 2024, 8:09 am One doesn’t have to look very far to find this passage: “Life begins at first breath!” Genesis 2:7. Did you miss that John?
SS February 28, 2024, 11:00 am RB exactly how old was Adam? Using that verse makes me assume that you are pro abortion up till the age of being able to want a mate so… Or around there? A few verses later God created a mate for Adam. So I assume adulthood isn’t too late to be aborted??? That verse makes no sense in this debate.