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WaMaC West Division All Conference Girls Soccer 2020-2021

WaMaC West Division All Conference Girls Soccer 2020-2021

First Team

  1. Ellen Austin- Clear Creek–Amana
  2. Lauren Riggle- Clear Creek–Amana
  3. Peyton Grafft- Clear Creek–Amana
  4. Eva Plathe- Clear Creek-Amana
  5. Nicole Lutz- Center Point-Urbana
  6. Madison Daily- Center Point-Urbana
  7. Sierra Davis- Center Point-Urbana
  8. Shakayla Lamer- Benton Community
  9. Caitlin Keiper- Benton Community
  10. Erin Francis- Williamsburg
  11. Lizzie Greene- Williamsburg
  12. Lucy Howes-Vonstein- Vinton-Shellsburg
  13. Easten Miller- Independence

Second Team

  1. Maddie Shade- Clear Creek-Amana
  2. Eliza Evans- Clear Creek-Amana
  3. Halle Bormann- Clear Creek-Amana
  4. Keely Franck- Center Point-Urbana
  5. Cassie Davis- Center Point-Urbana
  6. Grace Embretson- Benton Community
  7. Kynzie Vollbrecht- Benton Community
  8. Ellie Stanerson- Williamsburg
  9. Kayla York- Williamsburg
  10. Madison Atkinson-Vinton-Shellsburg
  11. Abby Davis- Vinton-Shellsburg
  12. Maya Douglas- Independence
  13. Ashlynn Ellenbecker- South Tama

WaMaC Recognition Award

  1. Leah Evans- Clear Creek-Amana
  2. Gabrielle Bedford- Clear Creek-Amana
  3. Ryley Goebel- Center Point-Urbana
  4. Ava Winger- Center Point-Urbana
  5. Sami Yardley- Benton Community
  6. Allison Newton- Benton Community
  7. Kyrah Sissel- Williamsburg
  8. Carly Campbell- Williamsburg
  9. Jaden Voshell- Vinton-Shellsburg
  10. Charlee Johnson- Vinton-Shellsburg
  11. Samantha Yexley- Independence
  12. Macey Krivanek- Independence
  13. Martha Flores- South Tama
  14. Joselin Nunez-Ramos- South Tama

Girls WaMaC Conference Player of the Year (West Division) – Lauren Riggle – Clear Creek-Amana


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