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78 Lil Racers register at Lil Racer Car Club Clubhouse for "Father's Day/4th"

Seventy eight Lil Racers signed in at the Lil Racer Clubhouse Sunday night and took part in our Father's Day Prize Giveaway. All club members got free chances to try and win one of 16 different prizes for their dads. Many happy kids and dads walked away with some thoughtful gifts. The first 100 kids received free hot dogs at the concession stand as well as free ice cream cones to the first 50. The Lil Racer Midsummer Benefit Raffle took place, with over 2100.00 raised that went to help pay for the one half hour fireworks show held after the racing action ended on Sunday night. Fireworks were sponsored by the Bullring Lil Racer Car Club.

This upcoming Sunday night is the annual Urbana 5 Memorial Race. While the club will be open, mainly to sell protective hearing and eye protection and give away freezer pops and juice boxes, we encourage our club members and their families to take part and support the Urbana 5 cause. See you at the races!


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