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VSU placed 3rd in a field of 5 teams, falling to Des Moines East and Grinnell. Had only swimming points counted, VSU would have taken second, as only Grinnell had divers to compete thus scoring 25 unanswered points. Still it was a solid night of good times for our girls.

Justyce Dominick won the 50 Freestyle in 27.15. Dominick, Carleigh Wilson, Lauren Moore and Molly Clark all pulled in some second and third place finishes with their fastest times of the season too.
VSU's supporting cast was what kept us in the hunt for team standings. We maybe didn't have every top finish, but both VSU entries placed in the top 5 in almost every event, thus out-scoring other teams on the whole.
Some girls swam events they hadn't done in a while, and I was pleasantly surprised! Molly Clark and Olivia Schminke swam and placed very well in the 200 IM - we may have just found a new niche for them!

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Able Baker September 10, 2021, 1:48 pm Doesn't work: {{results_from_grinnell_sep_9_2021.pdf}} Thanks it should be fixed now.
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