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The North Central Iowa Swim Conference meet was today in Marshalltown - and VSU had a great meet! Newton, Boone, Decorah, Grinnell, Oskaloosa, Williamsburg and VSU make up the NCISC.

The VSU swimmers had season- or personal bests in 21 of 30 swims. Justyce Dominick had a particularly stellar meet - dropping .66 seconds in her 50 Freestyle to take home 3rd place in a powerful field. She went on to drop 1.97 seconds in her 100 Freestyle to nab 2nd place. Lexi Goodell dropped well over a second to grab sixth place & take home some of her own hardware in the 100 Breaststroke.

Today was a strong showing - we are coming off a week of the highest intensity training we'll do all season. Now we start a 2-week taper period leading up to our District meet on November 6 in Dubuque. If the girls performed that well today, it'll be really exciting to see what they can do when they're rested & focused.

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