Benton Community Bobcats took on Des Moines Christian Lions following the Vinton-Shellsburg shoot out against Estherville.

Kicking off the game, Joe Notch was chosen to be recognized with the Sportsmanship award for Benton Community. 

While the team came to fight for a title, they were also carrying the weight of knowing that a fellow Bobcat sophomore Tatum Schroeder had been diagnosed with leukemia. Wearing orange ribbons in their hair, the girls took a moment following the first quarter of the game to face east, toward Iowa City and to wave in the direction of their teammate. Schroeder, a member of the team, wasn't able to join her team on the court. but was in Iowa City undergoing chemotherapy treatments. While Vinton-Shellsburg will be battling Benton Community on the court, they will all be cheering on Tatum for a full recovery.
Benton Community didn't come in slow to this game. During the first half, the girls racked up 26 points over DMC's 11. The second half began with DMC scoring the first points of the half. Benton Community slowed down the game a bit, while DMC scored an additional 6 points. Benton Community's McKenna Kramer made a three point shot and then DMC followed with their first three pointer of the game. The end of the 3rd quarter brought the score a bit closer with Benton Community not giving up their lead. The score stood at 36-25 with Benton Community ending it with another three point shot. The final quarter began with several missed three point shots by both teams. With a few free throws giving Des Moines some points, Benton Community drops a two point shot into the basket DMC gained on Benton Community bringing the score to 34-38. The Lions lost the ball for a shot clock violation giving the ball back to Benton Community. With 36 seconds left in the game, and only a four point spread, Twedt is fouled and makes both of her free throw shots leaving the final score at 40-34. The team faces Vinton-Shellsburg on Thursday's game. To see the information about watching or attending the game, click HERE.

Benton Community players included:

2 Sophia Seeck

3 Emma Townsley

4 Jaida Lyons

5 Emma Von Ahsen

10 Piper Nelson

11 Laura Junge

12 McKenna Kramer

14 Addison Phillips

15 Tatum Schroeder

20 Aubrey Kelly

21 Genna Twedt

23 Zoey Junge

25 Haley Suiter

30 Hannah Greiner

32 Ana Glawe

34 Jessa DeMoss

40 Callan Keiper


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