The Bullring Lil Racer Car Club reopens this Sunday AND Monday nights to welcome young racing fans to the speedway!

Stop on by the clubhouse as you enter the grandstand and get your kids registered, pick up a free racing flag, stuffed animal, a freezer pop. Get your prize numbers to be eligible to win one of our door prizes, OR, to have a chance to become the Bullring Lil Racer Car Club's "Lil Racer of the Week, sponsored by The Pizza Place of Center Point" to take home the BIG trophy and a FREE small pizza.

Worried about the noise or any possible dust? We have you covered as we sell earplugs 2/1.00, ear muffs for 5.00, safety glasses and goggles too.

Color us a picture, bring it BACK to us, AND, take home a trophy of your very own! Lots of fun for kids under 14 at the Bullring Lil Racer Car Club, where membership is entirely FREE, as we always have said, "Kids should not have to PAY to have fun!"

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