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Stripped cornstalks. Collapsed grain bins. Destroyed livestock buildings. East-central Iowa was the hardest hit part of the state by the derecho storm. The disaster left farmersdealing with an estimated 3.57 million acres in damaged corn and 2.5 million acres of soybeans. Now it's time to offer them help. Iowa State Extension and Outreach is offering just that with anAugust 24thstorm damage meeting in Van Horne, Iowa that will bring together agricultural experts to discuss USDA disaster programs, crop damage, and more.

"Farmers are asking, 'Will I have a crop or not?' They need to know what to look for, and if not, what's next," said Greg Walston, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach director for Benton County. "We're pulling together experts and giving farmers a check in on their neighbors and share stories of their personal disaster."

WHAT: Dealing with Farm Damage after Derecho


Crop damage assessments and harvest plans- Meaghan Anderson, ISU Extension Agronomy

USDA disaster programs- Amie Bill-Farm Service Agency (FSA) & Tina Cibula-NRCS

Livestock issues caused by the storm- Denise Schwab-Livestock Specialist

Grain storage/handling- ISU Extension Ag Engineering Information

Crop insurance information- Local insurance agent

WHEN:Aug 24that 1:30 pm

WHERE: O'Grady's200 1stAve. Van Horne, IA 52346

Please share this opportunity for farmers to receive the guidance and expertise they need from Farm Service Agency (FSA), NRCS, ISU Extension Agronomy, Ag Engineering, and livestock specialists.

Meeting organizer Greg Walston, cell:641-208-7602, is available for interviews.

Media is invited along with farmers and interested public. This event is free to attend, however RSVP is requested to, cell:641-208-7602in order to ensure adequate supplies and spacing requirements.

Due to COVID-19 the meeting will be held outdoors with social distancing requirements in place. Face coverings are strongly encouraged and will be available for participants.


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