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A little over a week since the store's official opening date, Kwik Star store number #1076 held its grand opening and ribbon cutting on Wednesday. Gathering the staff and bringing in representatives from the company as well as the city, the store held a short ceremony at the west end of the store's parking lot.

"At Kwik Trip we do business with a strong string of core values. Honesty integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, humility and a strong worth ethic," said the store representative Darcy Mahoney.

Carl Rick, one of the owners of the family-owned business, spoke briefly of the options in the store highlighting the fresh baked good, rolls, buns and of course donuts in various flavors. The kitchen is a beehive of activity providing fresh foods daily to the store.

The store provides several fast food options as well as the "meat and potato" meals that have been prepared so that you can heat and take it with you or grab it to warm up at home. Along with this they have sandwiches both hot and cold, with a condiment bar to dress your sandwich before leaving. Also offering coffee, cappuccinos and soups, as well as a host of other hot options the store also provides healthy choices of fresh vegetables and salads all prepared by Kwik Star.

Kwik Star is a business based in Wisconsin that provides food from their 120 acre campus With help from their 2,500 workers,. The company owns their own dairy which provides the Kwik Star stores with fresh milk and ice cream.

Open 24 hours a day, the local store will be open for those traveling through the area or arriving home in the middle of the night from working the late shift.

During the ceremony, the store presented the local Fire and Police Departments each with a $1,000 check expressing their appreciation for their service to the community.

Rick shared the three reasons that the company grows the Kwik Star business. He explained that sometimes companies can go out of business with just their attempts to grow. Kwik Star takes a different approach to the reason for growing. Each store provides 35-45 employees from the time the doors open. Convenience stores typically have a 100% turnover each year he said. Kwik Star seeks to provide opportunities to their workers. The communities are another reason the company invests in a new store. He shared that each store is between a 4-7 million dollar investment that they plan with a 50-year life expectancy. When they decide to serve the community each store is built with convenience in mind. He shared that while he didn't know what would be convenient down the road whether it's hydrogen or electric based cars, the company builds with that in mind. Thirdly he shared that the customers are treated as more just customers but that they treat shoppers as guests and want to serve everyone as a guest in their own home.

Rick shared the wisdom of his grandfather, a first generation owner. "If we take care of our co-workers, our co-workers will take care of the guests, and we'll be successful long into the future." With that in mind the store recognized each of the workers present and introduced them to the community including the Store Leader, Amber Xanadu along with the Assistant Store Leaders Tanner Sampson and Brandi Higdon.


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Mike Dom August 20, 2020, 6:08 pm I'm curious if anyone had any concerns about how Kiwanis Park is across the street? We don't need kids trying to cross 218 to go get snacks from Kwik Star.
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