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Fareway Stores, Inc. today announced a second distribution of the Fareway Family Front Line Plan, which will provide cash bonuses to its hourly employees who have worked on the front lines during these unprecedented times.

A cash bonus will be paid to each hourly employee that worked in July or August and is employed as of August 22. The bonuses range up to $500 per employee, with a total investment of several million dollars to approximately 10,200 front line employees. The Fareway corporate office will distribute the bonuses to qualifying hourly employees on Friday, September 4.

"As 2020 continues to present challenges, we are incredibly grateful for the efforts of our employees," said Fareway President and CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. "Throughout our communities, Fareway employees have offered customers a sense of stability in uncertain times. With their continued hard work and willingness to meet new expectations, we will rise above future challenges."

Fareway is actively seeking additional employees at the distribution center and many retail locations. To apply at Fareway, or to find other opportunities, please visit your local store location and/or Fareway is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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Mary Miller August 26, 2020, 2:57 pm I applaud Fareway for recognizing they should provide this for their employees but Fareway should be requiring masks for all customers as other stores are and also requiring their employees to wear them appropriately. Wearing the mask around your next or below your nose doesn't really help.
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