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Where are we in September?

3rd City Hall in Urbana 5pm-?

7th Roys Grocery in Shellsburg

10th Main Street in La Porte City 5pm-?

14th St Stephen's Church Atkins 5pm-?

17th City Park in Dysart 5pm-?

18th Lori's Vintage Vault in Urbana 4pm-?

21st Roys Grocery in Shellsburg 5pm-?

24th Nettiannes Shed Sale in Marengo 4pm-?

25th Nettiannes Shed Sale in Marengo 11-3

28th St Stephen's Church in Atkins 5pm-?

A fun Pizza Fact: 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in The United States.

Staff Highlight

Jared Merchant has been with us from the very beginning and is another one who can do it all. You will find him mostly on the line making your pizza, but on occasion also handling the oven duties. His input on specialty pizzas is very valuable to us given his unique ability to blend toppings and flavors for a great pizza. Our most popular specialty "Gettin Piggy With It" was all Jared's creation.


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