Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler are still traveling and making their wonderful music as The Rough & Tumble. (along with those big dogs, Puddle and Magpie Mae).

Come hear what this dumpster-folk/thriftstore Americana duo has been up to! They will have Taylor James Donskey doing a few songs to open the show.

Rachel Dedrick and John Berinobis will do a few numbers to open the second set.

Come join us for a Sunday afternoon of songs, stories and fun! May 22, from 2-4:30 p.m. at Farmers Mercantile Hall, 100 West Main St. in Garrison. Admission $10.

Refreshments by Garrison Library

Click below to take a listen to a sample of their music!

The Rough & Tumble// "You're Not Going Alone"// Live Video


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