ACTI will hold a Holiday Double Feature presentation on Saturday, December 3 at 10:30 am and Sunday, December 4 at 2 pm. The two productions include, "SOS: Save Our Santa" and "Reindeer's Revenge."

Admission for the two plays will be $5. Concessions will also be available at the Palace.

SOS: Save our Santa
Who will find Santa? He goes missing and the cast needs to find him so that the children can still have Christmas.

Reindeer's Revenge

Rudolph is caught in a plot to move him out so that second string reindeer can take his place

The cast for the two shows includes the following actors:

SOS:Save our Santa

Santa: Christian Liedke

Mrs. Claus: Charleigh Clemens

Natalie North: tv investigative reporter: Carolynne Liedke

Robin Redlen- park ranger- Lexi Van Ree

Lark Lindall - park ranger - Zeviah Cooper

Tracer McDaniels- bounty hunter- Clay Koeppen

Snake McDaniels - bounty hunter- Carter Pottebaum

Melissa Green- conservationist - Anabelle Fisher

Trixie- elf-Aurora Roberts

Reindeer's Revenge

Octavia- Reindeer who really wants a shot at being on the team! - Kinslee Etringer

Good Octavia - The good side of Octavia-Jadyn Annis

Bad Octavia - The bad side of Octavia- Ellie Schwab

Dancer-Lead reindeer - Bryliegh Schwab

Prancer- Dancer's team partner - Bailee Herman

Rudolph the most famous reindeer of all- Elliot Whalen

UPS Driver- Neither rain nor snow... - Jantz Johnson

Alberta- an elf in charge of weather reports - Ella Graham

Alfred- head reindeer wrangler- Brody Meyer

Leandra- an old reindeer who knows things- Braelynn Schwab


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