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At Guided Journaling last week, one of our writing prompts involved writing about the last book you read, the one you're currently reading, and the book you'll read next. This felt like the perfect prompt for my blog!

The last book I read was "Tom Lake" by Ann Patchett. I was introduced to this author through my book club years ago and have loved her ever since. In "Tom Lake" we meet a mother and her three grown daughters, brought back together on their family cherry farm due to the pandemic. Throughout the story she recounts a time in her early 20's when she was an actress and dated a man who went on to become a Hollywood celebrity. There are parts of the story she freely shares with her daughters, parts they need to pry out of her, and parts she keeps to herself. We learn of sacrifice, fame, and family, and how the circumstances of our early adulthood can change the course of our lives. The story weaves her memories among the joys and trials of present day. As a fan, this book did not disappoint, and I highly recommend it! This book was published in 2023 and is available at VPL in both regular and large type.

I'm currently reading "A Fatal Grace" by Louise Penny, book two in the beloved Inspector Gamache series. "A World of Curiosities" was released not long after I started here at the library, and I quickly learned of Penny's avid following! This series is also the inspiration behind the popular streaming series "Three Pines". In "A Fatal Grace", Inspector Gamache has returned to Three Pines to investigate a murder by electrocution at a community curling game. He is embraced by many familiar faces, and we meet a few newcomers as well. The murder intersects with some facts from the death of a homeless person in a neighboring city, and I'm quickly turning the pages to find out the culprit(s)! If you like a good murder mystery like me, I highly recommend this series. This book was published in 2006 and is available at VPL as an audiobook and in large type.

The book I'll be reading next is "The Spectacular" by Fiona Davis. She writes Historical Fiction, and I've read several of her books, my favorite being "The Magnolia Palace". The back cover to "The Spectacular" reads "In 1956 New York City, Marion Brooks, one of the famous Radio City Rockettes, is unwittingly drawn into the police search for the "Big Apple Bomber" and may be forced to sacrifice everything she's worked for, as well as the people she loves most, to catch this elusive criminal." As a fan of stage and screen (and a good murder mystery!), I'm looking forward to this one! This book was published in 2023 and is available in both regular print and large type.

I hope this inspired you to create a list of your own; feel free to share it with me if you do! We'd also love to have you join us at the library for Guided Journaling at Noon on Fridays. We're also excited to feature Staff Picks as our most recent book display. Happy Reading!

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