Fall is for Mysteries. Growing up, like other girls my age I enjoyed Nancy Drew. I also loved looking through my Grandma's Agatha Christie paperbacks, and in my early teen years I loved Dean Koontz.

As an adult, I read a wide range of genres, but Fall is for Mysteries. I'm currently one chapter away from finishing Anthony Horowitz's "The Word is Murder". Published in 2018, The Wall Street Journal describes it as "One of the most entertaining mysteries of the year". Even though I'm a little late to the party, I couldn't be enjoying it more. The author is writing a mystery where he, the author, is one of the main characters, and he's discovering clues at a pace of his own. I'd highly recommend it if you love murder mysteries; and there are three more books in the series to keep you coming back for more!

I recently finished "A Body in the Library", a Miss Marple classic published by Agatha Christie in 1942. Everything about reading Agatha Christie makes me nostalgic, and I can't help but feel good even seeing the book on my nightstand. It's the first time I've read a Marple mystery, as I've been more of a Poirot lover, and it has me ready for more. For any Marple fans out there, I would highly recommend "Marple", a collection of short stories penned by several popular mystery writers including Lucy Foley, Ruth Ware, and Elly Griffiths. Not only are the stories entertaining, but they give you a peek into the writing styles of several popular authors. VPL has this title in both regular and large type. Check it out today!


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