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Kate Robertson, Benton Development Group's executive director, represented BDG and Benton County at the Iowa Rural Development Council's sixth Rural Summit held in Cedar Rapids at the Kirkwood Hotel. Nearly 250 attendees from rural communities throughout Iowa met for two days to learn about innovative programs improving childcare, employment, housing, and entrepreneurship. Iowa's Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg was the lunch speaker and highlighted transformative projects currently supported by the state as part of the Governor's Empower Rural Iowa Initiative.

Robertson shared that she enjoys attending the summit to gather ideas and make connections that can improve Benton County. "Understanding the opportunities for support from the state and federal governments for rural initiatives is a key part of my job. It's also important to learn about innovations already being tried in other counties and communities so we can avoid reinventing the wheel and use the experiences of other rural areas to improve more quickly."

Benton Development Group is a county-wide economic development agency funded by the Board of Supervisors to provide services to Benton County communities, businesses, and attract additional investments by individuals, entrepreneurs, and state and federal governments.


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