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Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Board of Directors

Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools

January 5, 2022

Call to Order

President Tom Burke called the regular meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in the Central Office Board Room.

Roll Call / Pledge of Allegiance

Kimberly Schirm, Kathy Van Steenhuyse, Tom Burke, Jake Fish, Becky Williams, Jenni Birker,

Darin Humiston, Kyle Koeppen, Superintendent, and Brenda Barkdoll, Board Secretary/Treasurer were


Audience Comments

There were no audience comments.

Facilities Study Presentation by OPN Architects

OPN architects shared a Facilities Studies presentation to the board.

General Business of the Board

Consent Items

1113. It was moved by Fish and seconded by Schirm to accept the consent items as presented. Motion carried 7/0.

Early Retirement

1114. It was moved by Van Steenhyse and seconded by Williams to present the following resolution including age at 55, 15 years of service, and a stipend of 30% of their last year's regular salary plus a payment of $60/day for certified and $40/day for support staff for unused sick/vacation leave for all certified staff, non-certified staff, and/or administrative/directors and move for its adoption. Motion carried 3/4 with Humiston, Birker, Fish and Burke voting no.

OSHA Vaccine/Testing Policy

1115. It was moved by Humiston and seconded by Birker to adopt the EMPLOYEE VACCINATION/TESTING FOR COVID 19 policy, pending the Supreme Court decision. Motion carried 7/0.

2021-22 At-Risk Dropout Prevention Resolution

1116. It was moved by Birker and seconded by Fish to offer the recommended resolution concerning the 2022-23 at-risk and dropout prevention recommendation in the amount of $310,362 and move for its adoption. Motion carried 7/0 on a roll call vote.

Audience comments on any of the preceding items

There were no audience comments on any of the preceding items.

Correspondence Items/Reports

There were no correspondence items/reports.


President Burke adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Matthew Burke, President Brenda Barkdoll, Secretary


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