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Dave Henkel presented a check to State Representative Tom Gerhold on Friday morning in the amount of $1,000 on behalf of FUELIowa (Petroleum Marketers Trade Association).

Formed in 1937, FUELIowa represents Iowa's fuel industry by advocating for innovative and quality fuel options, consumer and environmental protection and fairness in the marketplace.

Our members include fuel distributors, fuel cooperatives, convenience and grocery stores, refiners, biofuel producers and many other businesses that support these companies. They are invested in bringing the best gasoline, diesel, propane, ethanol, biodiesel and other liquid fuels to Iowans.

FUELIowa believes a strong, accessible fuel distribution network is essential to Iowa's rural and urban economies. They value fuel choice, fuel quality, fair competition, consumer and environmental protection, and innovation. They also advocate for policies and marketplace practices that support these beliefs and values.

FUELIowa would like to thank Representative Tom Gerhold for his continued support of BioFuels and Fuel Blends while giving Iowans a choice at the pump.


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