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VGH Founders Award Winner - La Teresa Music

La Teresa Music began her 47-year career with Virginia Gay Hospital in 1963. Over the years she wore many hats, as a nurse, fundraiser, historian, and retirement association manager. She earned her nursing degree from Allen Hospital in Waterloo. Worked as an LPN in both the hospital and surgery. In 1983, she brought in "Guardian of Very Good Bear," being active in hospital promotion and community activities.

VGH Founders Award Winner- George Garwood

George Garwood served as VGH Administrator from 1956 to 1982. George laid the Foundation of Virginia Gay Hospital. (Most of the information in this commentary comes from Keith Elwick’s thoughts and speech in 2014 in honor of George Garwood.) Keith described George as quite a character and a person having a character. Many still remember the story of George and the $2 bill.
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VGH Founders Award Winners - Keith and Becky Mossman

Keith Mossman was the first Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation Chair and served as Chair till his passing in October 2010. Keith and Becky knew the importance of giving back to the community and communicating and educating that awareness of giving back. Keith was a prolific writer and not shy to share wisdom through newsletters, media and conversation.

VGH Founders Award Winner - Kim Frank

We celebrate Kim Frank and her passion for life, family and her beloved animals. In life Kim Frank lived life fully, exuding strength and focus. For 20 years, Kim worked as the Director of Human Resources for VGH. She established and guided the Human Resources, Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory therapy Departments in organizing an annual silent auction aptly named Holiday Tree Walk, 12 years ago.

VGH Legacy Honoree Recipients - Dr. Sherman and Dorothy "Dottie" Anthony

Dr. Sherman “Tony” Anthony and Dorothy “Dottie” Anthony Anderson have been the heart and soul of Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics. In Founders, we honored Dr. Anthony for his vision, inspiration and compassionate care. Upon Dr. Anthony’s passing a Scholarship fund was set up for Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab continuing his spirit of educating others and supporting continuing education.
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Vinton Fire Department holds a planned burn in Vinton

On Saturday, the Vinton Fire Department held a controlled burn at a house located on the end of East 8th St, in Vinton. The department uses the opportunity to practice extinguishing fires and to train firefighters. The house had become a safety concern to the owner and had requested the department to burn it down. Photos Charlie Fraizer

Vinton Shellsburg Recognizes area Veterans

A few of the students who helped to raise $2,600 to donate to the local VFW Post 8884 The annual Veterans Assembly was held at the Vinton-Shellsburg High School gymnasium on Thursday, November 11. The high school students escorted each veteran to their seat where a handwritten note waited for them from children in the district. Each veteran had an opportunity to introduce themselves, share their rank and branch and along with that share a bit about themselves if they would like to.

VGH Legacy Honoree Recipient - Denice Stephenson

Denice Stephenson, Licensed Practical Nurse, has served 40 years with Virginia Gay Hospital. Denice has been highlighted in this year's Tree of Lights Annual Campaign booklet. Early in high school, Denice obtained her C.N.A. certification through the hospital and began working in the Annex (now known as Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab). Once she finished high school, Denice worked weekends and holidays while continuing her education at Hawkeye Community College receiving her degree as a LPN.
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VGH Legacy Honoree Recipients - Helen and Chuck Yundt

Helen and Chuck Yundt have been instrumental in their service and philanthropy through a lifetime. Chuck Yundt served on the VGH Board of Directors from 1995 to 2001. During his tenure, new clinics were purchased, constructed and established. Nursing and Rehab was expanded and remodeled and new hospital services were added and expanded. Helen and Chuck have been consistent and kindhearted in their charitable giving to Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics which have enabled VGH to elevate and advance the quality of care for our community.

VGH Legacy Honoree Recipient - Mike Riege

Mike Riege served as VGH Administrator for over 26 years from 1992 to Jan. 2019. Virginia Gay Hospital was in terrible financial condition when Mike became the Administrator. His leadership turned the hospital around during a very difficult time. Mike transformed Virginia Gay into an excellent healthcare institution focused on family medicine that serves the entire county.
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