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Saturday afternoon the the first round of boys and their mothers took part in the traditional Nerf Wars. Kindergarten through 2nd grade boys got to go head to head with their moms in the first slot. A second round of 3rd -5th graders followed at a later time slot at the Vinton Skate Center.

Hosted by the Vinton Parks and Rec Department the moms and sons geared up with goggles and nerf guns trying to capture the flag of their opponent. The rules of the game were simple. If you were hit by a nerf round you had to return to the "hospital" aka the wall and count to 10 before returning to battle.

Chatter on the boys' side could be heard repeatedly that said, "I'm gonna get mom!" While on the other side was good-natured laughter.

Other areas were set up in the skate center for kids to target practice and have fun while they waited their turn to have fun with mom in the other have of the skate center.




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