The Knights of Columbus free throw contest was held on Sunday, February 4th at the V/S Middle School. The contest is for ages 9 to 14  boys and girls.
Pictured are the local winners.Pictured first row left to right: Karah Richart, Bliss Roster, Liam Winsor, Hayden Laughridge, Elliot Whalensecond row - L to R  Oliver Whalen, Reid MangoldThese winners are eligible to represent Vinton-Shellsburg  at the district Knights of Columbus contest on Saturday, March 2, 11:30 am at Regis Middle School in Cedar Rapids..The second picture is of all the participants.  Backrow representing the Knights of Columbus are from Left to right: Craig Ollinger - Grand Knight and Wes Recker contest chairperson.
Thanks to all who participated!


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