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Letter to the Editor: Biden sucks & Trump sucks more!

Are these really our two best options out of the millions of people in the United States? I'm guessing not, & we will never have a decent candidate because our government sucks just as much as the candidates. Let's face it, between the ridiculous electoral votes, (that shouldn't even be used anymore), the democratic voting process, & the fact that you have to have millions of dollars to even be considered, we will never have a decent president that is actually for the people, ALL of the people. I'm so tired of hearing that my vote counts, when it clearly does not. Since the beginning of time our government has been rigged for the wealthy. The fact that billionaires became over $585 billion dollars richer since this pandemic, & the poor are now even worse off than they were before, speaks volumes. People have become so greedy, that nothing means more to them than their bank accounts. It's gotten so bad that common sense & decency aren't even common anymore. The sad thing is, all of the wealthy people wouldn't have what they do if it weren't for the rest of us "peons"....the blue collar workers that build all of their buildings, the plumbers that install their gold toilets, the trash collectors that remove all the garbage from their property, & all of the other people that get paid pennies for doing all of their dirty work, & the majority of the rich are too ignorant to understand how wrong this is, and/or they just plain don't care. There are so many hard working Americans that bust their ass day in & day out & barely make enough to survive. The minimum wage is a joke. The cost of living keeps going up, while wages remain the same or in some cases even get worse as they are constantly raising the cost of health insurance while cutting your coverage. What chaps my ass even more is when the wealthy say, "if you don't like it, get a different job". Not everyone has the freedom, the money, nor the tools they need to further their education so they can get a better job. Buildings still need built, trash still needs collected, food service workers still need to cater to the people, why should these people have to struggle to live when we all rely on them? Why are athletes & people in the entertainment business getting paid more than our teachers, nurses, & firefighters? Because common sense is no longer common. If you want to make the argument that we need athletes & people in the entertainment business to give us entertainment, & to help us relax from our stressful lives, I can think of a lot of better ways for us to relax, & if you don't have the imagination to entertain yourself & your loved ones, than that says a lot about you as a person. Not only is our government rigged for the rich, over the years it has totally overreached their power into our every day lives, taking more & more of our freedoms away every day. We are policed on everything we do from walking across the street in the "correct" manner, to what we decide to put into our own bodies, to our choice of wearing a seatbelt, to what we can & cannot build on our own property that we worked our asses off for & pay for time & time again through taxes. The way I see it, everyone protesting right now aren't just protesting for black lives, they're also protesting for our way of life in general, & all of the injustices that we incur every day & every last one of us should be supporting the cause.
Valerie Bearbower


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Darrin Lindsey June 12, 2020, 5:56 pm It seems pretty obvious that what you are looking for,in our government,is Socialism. This country will NEVER be a Socialist country! To do so, would include actually taking away your rights. Socialism and our Constitution cannot operate together. I understand your point about the lower class just spinning their wheels for the past 4 decades. But, expecting the wealthy to share their wealth, is Socialism defined. I strongly suggest that you vote blue in November. If the other side is allowed to continue, our Constitution WILL become a worthless piece of paper.
Valerie Bearbower June 13, 2020, 12:59 am No Darrin, I don't believe everything should be run by our government, & I don't have a problem with people making a profit, but I do believe everyone should get paid enough to live & have at least have a little money left over to put in their savings, & corporations like Amazon should have to pay the 30% that we have to pay in instead of not paying taxes at all & then getting a $129 million dollar rebate.
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