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Dear Editor,

To see one so young who exhausted did not bend his knee.

Do we have enough Americans who have the courage of convictions, who believe in the preamble to the Declaration and Constitution? Who would not cave when things looked so bleak? Seeing the front of the landing craft drop and hearing the bark of the German MG-42 machine gun can you go forward? We have an auto- firearm range near my home each summer. I was able to fire this weapon. One German soldier who had this weapon reportedly fired 10,000 rounds that day - the 6th of June 1944. Thinking also of the Soldiers blue and grey who battled to keep the union and to end slavery. Think on this - muzzle-loading weapons - and an average soldier could reload 2 1/2 times per minute. An advancing infantry at 30-inch steps 30 per minute would cover --- 75 yards 2 1/2 minutes would advance 187.5 yards in that time. If any of the surviving infantry survived it would be hand to hand --- bayonets for the defenders. In the early years, the Union Army withdrew or retreated before the Rebel Forces too often. Most of the officers on both sides were graduates of West Point. Winning was not always an occurrence on the North until General U. S. Grant and General W. T. Sherman were in command. On Flag day are we "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?
Or are we Antifa? Throwing rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, bullets at our law officers and civilians, burning our minority business and looting the same. Its time to chose. Peaceful protests are one thing, but this is no longer a protest but an insurgency. An overthrow of the rule of law and governess. This puts us all at risk regardless of our sympathy.
Regards,John Stiegelmeyer


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Darrin Lindsey June 15, 2020, 2:45 pm Oh my! You covered a lot of information there. Unfortunately, you got lost at the end. First, Antifa is NOT an organization. There aren't any leaders. Yes, they do get violent. But only with Fascists, Nazis and White Supremacists. Antifa is short for ANTI-FASCIST. The first members of Antifa were those soldiers that you spoke about, that landed on Omaha Beach 76 years ago. They went to Europe and North Africa to rid this world of Fascists, Nazis and White Supremacists. The current Antifa are citizens that show up individually across our Country, where Fascists, Nazis and White Supremacists are gathering. They watch the social media sites that advertise where the Fascists, Nazis and White Supremacists are going to be. It's very unlikely that any of them were responsible for burning any of those buildings in Minneapolis. None of the law enforcement assigned to those protests have any record of arresting any people with connections to Antifa. I don't doubt that some Antifa individuals were there. But, only because White Supremacists were going to be there. You really shouldn't spread your whacky conspiracy opinions like this. It's not healthy for our country.
Gerald Bates June 15, 2020, 10:32 pm John, you are right on point. Anyone who jumps in to defend Antifa or attempts to minimize, even call them anything except what they are, either crawled out from under a rock or seriously has an issue recognizing reality. They are no better than any radical group on the right. They are closely aligned with Communist and socialist styles of thought and action. They are nothing short of a domestic enemy to freedom in this country. God bless our armed forces past, present, and future who give all of us the rights we have as well as the blessing to live in this great country. It is important that we remember the sacrifice others have made to the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you John for the beautifully written opinion. The silent majority appreciate it.
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