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COVID messes with everything. Especially the calendar.

I needed to get my car fixed as well as cover a photo op on the same day. I looked at my calendar, got the car ready, told the mechanic where it would be for pick up and prepared for the rest of my day.

I had to get the bills ready to deliver this week, something I don't normally do anymore because of time. Usually, I mail the bills off, but in December, I like to give my advertisers a treat and thank them for another year of support.

With the car off to the mechanic, and the bills ready to deliver, I was feeling pretty good about my day. I needed to stop off to babysit the granddaughter and made arrangements for the photo op.

I got the toddler down for a nap and heard my phone go off. "Your appointment for the car was for tomorrow." Oops, my bad.

*Ding* "That was weird, I took a picture but there was no check." "What in the world?" I thought. I looked at the calendar again. Then it hit me, I was running a day ahead.

Fortunately for me, the mechanic had a cancelation at the same time that he arrived with my car. Even better, I had an extra picture, that I retook the next day, complete with a check in the photo. I guess having everybody and everything in the picture is better than being a day early.

Maybe it's that I'm just trying to get out of 2020 as soon as possible. Not that the year hasn't been interesting, it has. But I'm tired of elections, politics, COVID, facemasks, people getting cranky about all the above and I just want to get back to normal.

Normal means that we can all smile at each other on the street, and see it. Let me back up. It means that we can greet each other on the street and know who in the world we are talking to.

Normal means that we can give grandma a hug and not worry about killing her.

Normal means that elections are wrapped up in the same night.

Normal means that we can just get back to being nice to one another.

We weren't made to be "socially distant."We weren't made to avoid our elderly. Our elderly weren't meant to waste away alone pining for their loved ones.

Thanksgiving and Christmas weren't meant to be just another day.

On the other hand, we've figured out how to work from home, which should save families time in commuting and money on gas as well as wear and tear on the car.

Government entities have figured out how to put their meetings online. Parents are learning how important our teachers are. Hopefully we're all getting better at hand washing and staying home when we're sick.

I have probably asked Siri "what day is it," more than anything this year. I miss the good ol' days, I know they were there, I'm just not sure what day I'm on right now...


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