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It always seemed funny to me when news organizations report that we've had snow in Iowa. Or when they're out driving and telling us how bad the roads are. It reminds me of the reporters standing in a hurricane telling us that it's windy.

The news might be the workers who stay overnight at their job so that they will be there in the morning to take care of our elderly.

Maybe the story should be all the hard work going on to clear the snow. It's all of the men in the snowplows pulling an all-nighter so so that we can get to work in the morning, or so that emergency vehicles can get through.

Or maybe the story should be all of our emergency workers that work on nights like last night.

Or maybe it's the ones in wreckers that pull us out of the ditch, digging through the snow to find something to hook a cable to while we feel a bit embarrassed to even need their services.

For sure it's all of the Vintonians out there shoveling this 8 inches of beauty off of the sidewalks. The stars out there are the young kids out there wanting to earn a few extra dollars and going around and shoveling for those of us that can't or have reached the age that it's just not a good idea. (Maybe it's also their parents who are teaching them the importance of hard work as well.)

Whatever the story is, it's not the fact that we had 8 inches of snow, it's the fact that we're digging out from underneath it, and we still live here and not further south.


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Thomas Pingenot December 30, 2020, 1:08 pm T.V. News Theater: They're out driving around telling driving is not recommended. I feel sorry for the young reporters that have to do the 'Live' stuff outdoors.
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