First off I am an unhyphenated Patriotic American, but I have been called a "bitter clinger", a "deplorable -irreconcilable", and lately a "Neanderthal" thinker. And now according to Leonard Pitts' opinion piece in the April 1 DMREG - I am a coward, liar, and a fool because I do not fall for the Liberal/Marxist/Communist wing of the Democrat party. I have never owned a slave, nor have I physically abused any human of color or no color. Nor have I prevented any person his/her ability to cast a legal vote. If the author and Democrats as a whole are trying to change me to their agenda - it ain't work'n. We Americans are basically a good and moral people. We believe in freedom, liberty and the American way; all can achieve success based on their ability and willingness to work for it. Victimization is nothing more than a cover for underachievers.

Nationally this last election did not all go the way I had wished, but for the most part it went the way I wished in Iowa. Conservative thought won 3 of 4 House seats and 1 Senate seat. Even though outnumbered in the first District Mariannette Miller-Meeks was finally declared the winner. President Biden has shown within the first 100 days error upon error in administration. He has acted like only a one-term is possible. This is his only chance for top down governance. 2022 and 2024 can't come soon enough.


John Stiegelmeyer

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SM April 2, 2021, 4:01 pm You nailed it John.....you are correct in every aspect of your comments. We are right along beside you with our conservative ways! Here's to 2020/2024
NG April 2, 2021, 4:34 pm Being such a patriot John what do you think of all the voter suppression the Republicans are doing? Because they think that is the only way they can win is why they are doing it and I think it is terrible. Even in Iowa we used to have 40 days of early voting and Republicans cut it down to 29 days, and now they cut it down to 20 days. Are they done? I doubt it. I have a feeling they will cut it more in the future if they keep control. Republicans are trying to destroy our democracy.

I like what President Biden is doing. It was great to see the stimulus go to the working people and the poor instead of to the rich and the big corporations. Now he is talking about a big infrastructure deal and that is really needed in this country. All trump did was talk about it. The Republicans would not allow President Obama to do it because that would be an accomplishment for him that he was not allowed to have. Don't forget McConnell was majority leader which makes him the lead obstructionist. That is what he does and is still doing. Stop the government from working properly.

John, you may not like what President Biden is doing but the people of this country do and that includes many many Republicans. Republicans in Congress like to pass big tax cuts for themselves but when it comes to something for the people or the country, then they back away.

Norma Gould

RG April 2, 2021, 9:03 pm Right on your views. I agree!
RM April 3, 2021, 3:43 am Biden cant maintain control over his dog let alone Iran, North Korea, Russia and China, all who posses nuclear capabilities, and also supply terrorists who can unleash dity bombs capable of spreading radaiton,But Norma wants to praise Premier Biden? That guy hides out at Camp David when he should have been down in Alabama seeing firsthand the tornado damage near Brent... But he wasn't,was he? he was at Camp David instead, you know why? Because hes an East Coast Elite,.He could give two ****s less about what happens to the midwest or the south, especially if they're Republican voting sates.
RM April 3, 2021, 3:56 am Norma sounds like a full blown communist, she uses key words like "The workers" and "The people", trying to sell false promises but you are forced living under government control... Is this East Germany??
Norma, are you a Karen, or are you Stasi? With your rhetoric, you sound like a Stasi East German Communist
RM April 3, 2021, 4:11 am Thank you John for your service in the USAF and SAC!! Peace is Our Profession!!. EC-135C restoration is getting close to complete at the SAC museum in Ashland. Looking Glass.
SL April 3, 2021, 7:31 pm I remember reading many years ago about John Wayne the actor who couldnt use the old racist terms of his youth so he took to calling folks hyphenated-Americans. Seems any term said with a wink and nod gets the point across. Just an FYI to think about..
MD April 6, 2021, 9:35 pm The Democratic control of the House and Senate is not good for our Nation . They will put or nation SO FAR in debt, we will NEVER recover, They only know how to Spend
DB April 8, 2021, 12:13 pm Marlyn Duncan, funny how you see things. Worried about the Democrats when the Republican party has run up deficits every time they owned the Presidency recently. Bill Clinton left office with records surpluses only to see George W. Bush squander it, I agree that Obama did not do much, but inherited such a mess from Bush that just getting the economy back up and running was good enough. Then Trump comes in and gives a giant tax cut to 1 percenters that own almost all the wealth. Trump said businesses would invest that in America and help the middle class. That did not work out so good did it? They lined their pockets and bought stock back while raising their corporate salaries. Republicans only cry about deficits when they are not in charge. Well with Biden, the COVID recovery that is under way has a hefty price tag and that is fine as both parties will benefit from it. On infrastructure, $2.5 trillion or so is not enough, let's go for $6 trillion and really invest in America. I am tired of Republicans crying like little school girls about deficits, when it is them that run them up and then have the audacity to complain when they are not in power. Raising the taxes on the rich to pay for infrastructure is a start, but more needs to be done. No matter what happens, we the taxpayer are always on the hook for paying what this country does. Does not matter what political party is in charge. Neither side has all the answers, but nobody wants to work together to solve our problems. We just kick the can down the road. So spare me the platitudes about the Democrats running up the deficits, the Republican track record is far worse in those matters, that is a fact that cannot be denied.