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This Q was submitted July 16. I did not see it until this day July 26.Thus:Stiegelmeyer Failed to answer a simple question and that is shouldn't it be easy to vote? Again, we had the most successful elections ever and no v9ter fraud. Why the push to make voting more restrictive? Please answer that one! You're watching too much Fox News. Let logic be your guide. If things are working well what is there to fix? I'm waiting for your answer Stiegelmeyer!, Note: The typos are not my own

The voting franchise is one of the most important aspects of a citizen's right to hold the government accountable to the people. The Constitution of the United States is the "law of the land" and is the best protection a citizen has against a tyrannical and/or overreaching government. As I have stated before one of the requirements of my acceptance of an Officer's Commission in the United States Air Force was my pledge to accept and obey the oath of office. One of the precepts of that pledge was that I protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I swore before man and my God that I would do so to the best of my ability. Also, as the commission presented to me by the Congress of the United States in part stated that the Congress of the United States places "special faith and confidence in one John Richard Stiegelmeyer". I am sorry that I cannot remember more as this special document was destroyed by fire in my Father's home in 1965. While an active member of the Armed Forces of the United States I had a military Identification. In fact, I have always had a certificate of identification since I qualified and received a driver's license. In fact, in order to do any legally required operation, an Identification certificate or other proof of identity is required. So the question and answer I submit are why do you Braden wish to disavow this requirement for a citizen to cast a legal vote? By the way, I find it easy to cast a legal vote - period.

Your objection has no legal merit and is moot!
A note to Ms. Gould: your meanderings have no merit.

Isaiah 5:20

They say that what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

Where tillage begins, other arts follow.Social Crusaders never have to take responsibility for the chaos they cause. Thomas Sowell
Regards,John Stiegelmeyer

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Darrin Lindsey July 27, 2021, 3:43 pm Stiegelmeyer, what are you arguing? Our state requires an ID to place a vote! As do, a majority of states in our union. I've always thought it strange that it wasn't required. But, now it is, so what's your beef? It was even in the bill that Republicans, in the Senate, voted against!

An ID requirement wasn't part of the question asked of you. You were asked if you think it should be easy for all citizens to carry out the most important freedom granted to us, by our Constitution. You still haven't answered it.
Norma Gould July 29, 2021, 6:43 pm John: You think what I have to say has no merit because you get all your news from Fox and they can't even be classified as news. They actually were on TV saying awful things about four policemen who survived Trump's insurrection. What has the Republican party come to when they turn their backs on policemen?

You don't want to believe what I say about how hard it is for some people to vote and how hard it will be in 2022 you go ahead and believe whatever you want. You are a typical Republican and I could care less what you think of me. You and your opinion are not important.
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