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Dear Editor:

To those in the "so-called" news business -- being in New York is a long way from Iowa and its politics. What we see here is what the powerful are capable of. This travesty - harassment and abuse of women fits Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, others and now Andrew Cuomo. Where is the outrage of Democrat Women? Some have come forward. The question is will he be held accountable or be like Bill, hold on, deny, deny, deny until it goes away. The New York State Legislature should begin impeachment hearings.

Another thing: President Joe Biden is curtailing visitors from Europe and other countries unless they have been vaccinated and can show they cannot transmit the virus. BUT, 7,000 illegal immigrants have been planted in McAllen, Texas within the last few weeks this week the number is 1,500. The Mayor is reported to have stated that the city is overwhelmed by these unwelcome visitors fostered upon them without notice by the Biden Team. It was also reported that none to maybe a few were tested for Covid-19--none to date have been reported to have been vaccinated. So Biden cancels visitors from Europe who are not vaccinated, but lets illegals waltz across the Southern Border and then transfers them Willy Nilly to interior U. S. Cities without their permission or knowledge until they arrive. Does he care more about the leftist in his party than the citizens of the Southern States and the rest that have to put up with these unwelcome visitors (strike that - permanent visitors)? A President that refuses to uphold the law he has taken an oath to uphold should be impeached! If Joe were Republican that would be a given --- RIGHT?


John Stiegelmeyer

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GERALD BATES August 9, 2021, 10:30 am John you nailed it!
It is horrible what is happening on our southern border. At best it is outright incompetence (if not Criminal)on the part of our President and his administration. What people do not realize is these illegal immigrants are being dumped into communities across the country. A few here and a few there is far less recognizable than if thousands showed up in Vinton. When they get dumped into places like Cedar Rapids or Waterloo, they do not have jobs and now we are starting to see families of them soliciting money from drivers at busy intersections. There are countless females who are sexually assaulted by Cartel members and other migrants while they make this journey. Where is the outcry from the far left?
Darrin Lindsey August 9, 2021, 4:54 pm Stiegelmeyer, I have two things to say. The Democratic Party is calling for Cuomo to resign, or be impeached. And, McAllen, Tx. is a border city. Our government doesn't have to take the illegals to McAllen. There's a border crossing right there.
Randy Braden August 9, 2021, 8:56 pm There was outrage for Bill Clinton. I noticed you never mentioned Donald Trump. Why is that? He is the poster child for sexual abuse. He had five kids with three wives cheating on all of them. His current wife had to suffer his paying a porn star for sex. Can't you even mention Donald Trump in your rant. Covid is out of control because people won't get vaccinated. The lowest vaccination rates and highest positive rates for Covid are in state that Trump carried. Kind of ironic isn't it. Thought you might have researched that in your germ warfare article. Guess Fox New didn't mention that during your research.
Patty Morgan August 10, 2021, 7:04 am I see there has been a steady flow of purple kool-aid. I doubt those in favor of the vaccine have talked to anyone dealing with side effects from the vaccine. There is a thing called “shedding” which most will poopoo as non-existent, but it affects those NEAR someone who has had the vaccine causing reactions in the body of these in the area. Until you have a loved one affected by it or research these effects, maybe stop trying to guilt everyone into getting the vaccine. The doctors roll their eyes because they have been sipping the kool-aid too rather than figure out what is going on. The health care system is letting us down while they yell, “science!” They ignore what’s right in front of them. Ladies, think twice before risking your fertility to this vaccine or the fertility of your girls. The death rate is hovering around 1% but we act like it’s 99%! Most who die are the elderly, and no I'm not saying that's a good thing. BUT save yourselves future health problems. Step back and take a deep breath. Do the scare tactics in the media reflect what we are seeing in Iowa? In Vinton?
And Darrin, you are wearing masks because, well I don’t know really. If you can smell through them you can get covid through them...think about that. You aren’t saving anyone. If we could save people with a simple mask don’t you think we would have wiped out the flu by now?
Darrin Lindsey August 10, 2021, 6:51 pm Ms. Morgan, you are severely misinformed, as much of your ilk is. When the coronavirus is spread, it is coming from a person's throat or nasal passage. Both of those areas are, at best moist, at worst, very wet. Breathing through a mask, is no different than pouring a small amount of water on a cloth. If you've ever tried *that experiment* you know that the cloth absorbs some of the moisture. With a mask on, if you exhale the wet coronavirus, the mask absorbs it. The less moist air goes through it. That's why we've been told, for the last 16 months, that masks don't stop 100% of the virus. But, it prevents most of the spread.

As for the age of people dying from COVID-19. You obviously aren't paying attention! The highest percentage of deaths, in the last 2 months, is from people 30-45. You don't have a clue of which you speak, because you only want your information from the people that tell you what you want to hear. That's the definition of *drinking the kool-aid.
Norma Gould August 10, 2021, 7:17 pm Patty Morgan: Viral shedding is an issue when someone is infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, but not when they are vaccinated against it. I have found that people who are against the vaccinations will believe anything they can and will put as much fake information out as they can to scare people. You think the Drs have been sipping the kool-aid do you? How about they have been watching over 634,528 people die and some of them have died themselves from taking care of people. They don't have time to sip any damn kool-aid. Does it make you feel better to say the death rate is hovering around 1% instead of saying the exact number. Shame on you. Over 600,000 families are grieving because trump didn't do the right thing when this all started and now it is mostly republicans who don't seem smart enough to understand the danger they are putting the rest of society in.
Most who die are the elderly!!!!! What an awful thing to say or even think. Well that is no longer the case because now it is affecting more young people and even children so you need to wake up.
Many of those who have covid don't fully recover. They are called "long-haulers" and I am sure they would have gotten the vaccine had it been available before they got sick so they could save themselves future health problems like you suggest.

Stiegelmeyer: As Darrin told you McAllen is a border city so no one is taking the immigrants there, you are wrong again. My question is though did you ever happen to get up set when trump was kidnapping children from their parents and then deporting their parents so now it is up to President Biden to try to locate their parents to reunite them? He even took an 8 month old baby away from its mother while she was still breast feeding. Did any of that upset you?

Norma Gould
Gerald Bates August 11, 2021, 12:32 am I see the same people are just letting their prejudices and hatred for Republicans flow out with no filters. They can't stand Donald Trump yet they can't say anything without dragging his name through the mud.
Not sure what "right thing," Norma thinks Trump didn't do but as President he did a lot of right things. His administration pushed to shut down all ports of entry when the Democrats called him racist for doing so. He pushed for the vaccine to be developed and released to the public when Biden, the Squad and the rest of the idiots pressed people to not take it. Now they want everyone to be vaccinated? Really?? What about the whole issue with Hunter Biden's laptop, the dirty Chinese money? The list is endless. Of course, the Communist News Network continues to report "actual" news. They push these crazy agendas and not only protect Biden and his blunders the world laughs as they also protected New York's Governor against allegations of sexual assault, covering up COVID deaths in nursing homes and much more. One would have to be getting their news from Looney Tunes to not know these things. How does a US President cancel our own pipeline for "Climate Change" and yet approve for Russia to build another one in Europe? We were actually energy independent for the first time in decades. We were not paying Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran or Russia for their oil. Now we are. Only an Idiot would not recognize this as a problem for our national security, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost by Americans. All while we still pay for the pipeline because of government contracts. Yup, sounds like more of the same stupid crap. Now they push a trillion dollar infrastructure bill where actually only 2% of it goes to infrastructure. Again, more stupid crap. Yet Norma brings up and rumors about Trump's sex life which may or may not be true. Personally, everyone would be better served if she focused less on rumors of someone's sex life. I care more about our economy, getting people back to work and NOT giving people a financial incentive to NOT work. More stupid crap. I care about our national defense being strong and I don't care about these liberal agendas pushing critical race theory in public school and I care more about American History. I do not waste my time (like some people) hating one man so much that they can't have a single thought about something good in our country. A person must truly hate their own existence and be so miserable in their own skin to ignore some of the really big "real" issues with our current president and what his administration is doing. Yet Norma with so much concern/apparent obsession with Trump's sex life says nothing about Joe Bidens very documented obsession with kissing children, smelling their hair and so on. Maybe the Sex Police should at least take a look at that or at least look at the pump next time you fill up with gasoline or diesel. That would be a good start.
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