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Last Thursday, Governor Kim Reynolds made a stop in Vinton to visit Ideal Industries.

Ideal Industries is a metal fabricator that creates metal parts and assemblies for the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, construction, mining, and industrial equipment industries. Ideal is a contract manufacturer of fabricated metal products, specializing in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Their facilities and employees are all based in Vinton.

Ideal Industries is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer, which manufactures two lines of Ideal Industries'-branded products: Ideal Conveyance and Ideal Tile Trailers.

The company has teamed up with Simonsen Manufacturing to develop a new line of poly-tenders. The Simonsen-Ideal Poly-Tender holds fertilizer in the field for your convenience. Purchasing ABCO Manufacturing in 2019 the company added gravel handling to their production. The company now builds conveyors and surge bins.

The company has received Manuf. 4.0 grants from the state to purchase software to expand data-driven decision-making and equipment that will assist in production areas where worker shortages prevent full potential of productivity.


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