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As we catch our breath from our busiest month to date, we look forward to what September has in store for us.

Only six total events for the month, two public and four private. Our awesome staff worked their tails off last month and they need a break. You might notice that we are not setting up during the Vinton Car Cruise on the 24th. If you are in town for this event and you are hungry, please stop at "Merchants Grilling" and tell them we sent you! The plan is to hang up our pizza aprons for the day and help them wherever we can. That would be a great day for you to wear your Opal & Hazels swag if you have some! Looking beyond September, we do have a couple more stops to make at Millstream Brewing Co in Amana on October 1st (Oktoberfest) and November 5th. The Train Depot in Vinton for lunch October 15th. Hansons Hollow in La Porte City for lunch on October 22nd, Nathan's Miles in Vinton the night of the 22nd. Sherman's Pumpkin Farm & Corn Maze in Manchester the evening of October 29th and back in La Porte City the evening of the 30th where the Parks & Rec Committee are having a 5k run and fundraiser to help raise money for ball diamond renovations. All of these events are open to the public!Thank you for supporting us since May of 2020 and most importantly for always Staying Cheesy!Happy September Everyone!


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