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The Compensation Board met for a second time to make recommendations for the County Supervisors to approve the wages for Fiscal Year 2024.

Present at the meeting:

Ray Lough, County Attorney, Assistant County Attorney, Timothy Dille -Representative, Mike Kirkpatrick

County Auditor Hayley Rippel - Representative Michele Schoonover

County Supervisors Rick Primmer, Gary Beirschenck, Tracy Seeman - Representatives Mike Barnes and Mark Zahradnik

County Treasurer Melinda Shoettmer - Representative Janay Bendull

Sheriff Ron Tippett - RepresentativeAnders Norgaard

County Recorder Lexa Spiedel - Representative John Yundt

The board voted to invalidate the first meeting according to John Yundt, due to not following proper protocol. He asked County Attorney, Ray Lough to explain the purpose of the meeting.

Lough explained to the board that the board is to make recommendations to the Supervisors concerning the suggested wages for Fiscal Year 2024. He explained that whatever they decide can be lowered at the Supervisor's discretion but that it would have to be equally lowered for everyone.

John Yundt was appointed the Chair, and Mike Kirkpatrick as Vice-Chair. Melissa Schoettmer was appointed secretary.

Minutes of the January 2022 meeting were approved.

The board settled on an 8.3% wage increase for all elected officials, and an increase in stipend to $5,000 for the Supervisor's Chair.


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