As part of Suicide Prevention Month, Vinton Today is working with the Benton County Suicide Prevention Coalition to share resources with the community.


Vinton Counseling Services provides counseling and therapy services for anyone experiencing personal problems, relationship difficulties or family concerns.

Common reasons for seeking help include: feelings of depression or anxiety; problems communicating effectively; concern about a child's behavior; problems with alcohol or drug use; difficulties with anger, hostility or violence; suicidal thoughts; coming to terms with a difficult past; adjusting to stressful situations; concern over relationship issues.

At Vinton Counseling Services a collaborative approach is used to understand, and help address, concerns.

Vinton Counseling Services is a private practice organization established in 1996 to serve the needs of individuals, couples and families in the Benton County area. In-office, virtual and telehealth services are all available. The cost of services are usually covered by insurance. Reasonable private pay rates are also available.

Vinton Counseling Services is located at 203 E 4th St, Vinton, IA. 52349

Phone: 319 472-4499

Nicholas Fisher, LMFT


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