Are you a police officer, corrections officer, firefighter, emergency medical services clinician, emergency management coordinator, healthcare worker, death investigator, 911 telecommunicator, or any other high-risk professional who responds to emergency scenes?

We know the traumatic incidents you encounter can take a toll on your mental and physical health over time. The Benton County Critical Incident Stress Management Team is comprised of emergency services personnel, healthcare workers, crisis interventionists, and mental health professionals to provide you with support pre-incident, during critical incidents, and post-critical incidents. Unfortunately, the increased risk of exposure emergency services professionals face of experiencing traumatic events also puts them at an increased risk of mental health challenges and suicidality. Those challenges can be mitigated with immediate crisis intervention support.

We care about each and every one of you and are here to help you continue to do what you love, being an emergency responder and giving back to your community. Allow us to support you through your challenging times, and we promise we will be here for you.

To reach out to the Benton County Critical Incident Stress Management Team, click HERE to visit their Facebook page.


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