The Gifts of Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Walk/Run Challenge, is a virtual event, that will be hosted by Virginia Gay Hospital. The challenge will take place throughout the month of October and is raising funds for Gifts of Hope and encouraging women to schedule their mammograms.

The first 100 people to donate $15 will receive a handmade crocheted hat.

There will be a mammogram screening event at Virginia Gay Hospital on October 12th and 26th from 5-7:30 p.m. Come on out and enjoy some appetizers and beverages and get your annual mammogram. Request an order from your doctor and call 319-472-6300 to schedule. Walk-ins will be accepted, but scheduling avoids delays.

It is recommended that women 45 years old and older begin having regular mammogram exams.

The Pink Heals fire truck will be at the event. Pink Heals has been a long time supporter, and partners with public safety and local businesses and families to bring a community together.

Register today to be part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk/Run Challenge. Sign in with the QR code on the attached flyer and search for: Gifts of Hope. Or click HERE to register.


Gifts of Hope is a fund created to provide free mammograms and diagnostic services to those who need financial assistance to pay for a clinic visit, testing, co-pays, and diagnostic analysis of those tests to determine next steps, as well as Pap tests and/or pelvic exams. Funds are meant for people who have no insurance; have a health insurance policy that does not pay for these services; and those who cannot pay deductible or co-insurance amounts. Talk to your VGH provider if you want to use Gifts of Hope funds and it will be arranged. No Application is necessary.


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