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A few weeks ago I was leaving the home of one of my kids when I noticed a sign in the yard of the neighbor. It said, "You are amazing and I miss you -your teacher." It was one of those signs that made you say, "Awwww, that is SO cool! I wonder which teacher did that?" 

Tilford's 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Sexton would be the short answer. It was one of many things that she's been doing for her students who have been at home for the last several weeks. A local television station KCRG, was informed of her kindness and the extra little things that she's done over the past several weeks. As part of their Teacher of the month program they chose Mrs. Sexton as their A+ Teacher of the Month for the month of May. Several members of the Tilford Elementary Staff were on hand to congratulate the teacher who was pulled away from a Zoom class that she was holding with some of the 22 members of her class. Click to view a short video of the award presentation.

Mrs. Sexton is one of the district's many dedicated teachers who has gone above and beyond to make at-home learning as fun and engaging as possible.

Among all of her current duties, she has visited each of her students with a goody bag of snacks and candy and put out yard signs which read, “You are amazing and I miss you!”  As mentioned above, she has utilized Zoom to hold family meetings with challenges and trivia games for the whole family to enjoy and has also sent her students mail each week. 

This year has indeed been challenging for the students, parents and teachers. But the extra work our teachers are putting in to pull this off has been outstanding. Congratulations Emily, and thank you to all of the teachers who have had to go above and beyond this school year!

Editor's note: Thank you to all of the ladies that helped to put this story together with pictures and the behind the scenes information!

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Congratulations!!!to Mrs. Sexton!!!Her students are so lucky to have her as their teacher!!!
By: Martha Eckhart on May 26th 6:12pm

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