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Thank You Benton County Veterans for your Service

To our Veterans and their families,

Thank you for your service and for your sacrifices. That seems like such a tiny phrase for the monumental service that you've given to our country. 

As we take today to recognize you, we hope that you know just how much your service has been appreciated by all of us. 

Follow this link to view photos of Veterans who at one time lived in Benton County. Click to view All photos have all been submitted to Vinton Today. 

We are happy to include anyone that has lived in Benton County at any point in time. To add a Veteran, simply comment below with the information you’d like to have included, if you are digging in your family tree and find more Veterans in your family that aren’t here, please feel free to send us their names and information!

To add photos, please email, Thanks!


Cecil Duane Abernathey, Navy ~ Jeff AbernatheyHarry "Carl" Ackman,WWII Army ~ Benham Adams, Navy, 1942-46 ~ Dan AdamsJames "Barry" AdamsRussell Adams, U.S.Army, Korea ~ Joshua AdrianWayne Agnew, WWII ~ Beverly Ahlmeeyer, Navy, 1974-94 ~ Roger AlbertLowell AlbrightRonald AlbrightGordon Allee, WWII ~ Dale AlpersLester Alpers, Army, WWII ~ Roy Alpers, Army, WWII ~ Stanley Alpers, Army, Korean Conflict ~ C. Bradley Anderson Navy 1978-1984 ~ Carl (Swede) Anderson Army Korea ~ Howard AndersonJohn AndersonPaul Anderson, Army ~ Scott AndersonJames AndersonLeonard W. Anderson WWII, Army ~ S.L. Anthony, M.D., Army, (Big Red One) ~ James V. ArbuckleCraig ArrasDennis ArySteve AryLyle AschenbrennerCharles Augustson, WWII ~ David Auestad Donald Auestad, WWII


Jeff BahrFred C. Bahr, WWI Marine, Guam ~ Mike BakerLuke BaldridgeRobert Baldridge, Army ~ Ron Baldwin, Army ~ John BantzJames BanseEugene BarnesMerle Barnett, WWII ~ Jerry D. Bascom Sr. Marine, Vietnam, 1967-89 ~ Jerry D. Bascom Jr, Air Force, 1989 - 1997, military police ~ Vernon BascomDick BashoreValerie BaumgartelFrancis BawdenElmo Baxter, US Coast Guard, WWII ~ Richard BearEarl BearbowerToni BearbowerKirk BeasonCharles BeattyJoseph Charles (Charlie) Beatty, WW II, Army ~ Dan Beatty, Col. (US Army) active ~ Garth Beatty ( US Army) ~ Roger Beau, USAF, 1969-1972 ~ Anthony Becker, Navy ~ Monica BeckerFrancis BeggsAnthony Behounek Bradley BenferWilliam BensonDennis Bergen ~Phillip BergenRichard BergenCarl Berry, WW II, Phillippines ~ John BerryMarshall BerryVictor Birch, WWII ~ Donald Bistline ~ Robert Blacksmith, WWII ~ Milvoy Blaha, WWII ~ Dale Blake, Army, Vietnam ~ Jerry BlankJoseph Blank Vincent Blank, Navy ~ Lori BlankKarl BlumerWilliam Bobzien Luverne Bockholt, WWII ~ Alfred J. Boddicker, Navy, WWII ~ Marvin R. Boddicker, US Army, WWII ~ Robert Boddicker, WWII ~ Steven BoddickerOrlando R. "Buzz' Bolenbaugh, Coast Gaurd, WWII ~ Jay Bolin, Army ~ William BolinForrest Bolte, US Army, WWII ~ Lyle BoltonEmil C. Bordewick, WWI ~ James R. Bordwell, WW II ~ Marion Bordwell, WWII ~ Gordon BowenYvette BowenWilliam F. BowerHarry Bradshaw, WWII ~ Donald BrayBrian Bratten, Marine ~ Diamond Bratten, Army, Iraq, 2007-09 ~ Emil Bratten, Army ~ Raymond Brecht, WWII ~ Frankin Brehm Korea - Army ~ Louis Brehm,WW - Army ~ Russell Brehm Korea, Army ~ Ryan Brehm -Afganistan-Marines ~ Allan Bridge, Army 1964-1969 ~ Richard BridgeCindy Briggs, U.S. Navy ~ Robert Briggs, U.S Navy ~ Toby BrownRichard Brubaker, WWII ~ Russell Brubaker, WWII ~ J. BrunssenKent BuckinghamKurt Buckingham ~John Bunten, U.S. Navy ~ Danny BurgessH. BurkhartArthur Burr, WWII ~ Jeff BushOtto BushRobert BushEdward Busler Army Vietnam ~ Wilbur Busler Army WW II ~ Victor Butz, WWII ~ Harold Byam, WWII ~ Harold Byrant, WW II


Roger CalvertFred Campbell, Army, Vietnam ~ Christopher CantrellNeil Cantowine, Korean War, Army 11th Airborne Division ~ Frank Boyd Carmen, US Army Air Corps, WW II ~ Joe C. Carrier, WWI ~ Charles Carson, WWII ~ John Paul Casey, Navy ~ Ty John Casey, United States Marines ~ Harold CassensLeslie ChamberlainJohn ChannellErastus Gideon Chase, buried in Evergreen Grand Army of the Republic marker, 91st Infantry Regiment of New York, Company D ~ Daniel Chehak, WWII ~ Raymond Chekal, WWII ~ John Cherveny, WWII ~ Robert ChervenyKeith Christianson Larry Christanson Gary ChristiansonMyron ChristyRobert H. ChristyBill ClarkDuane ClarkRyan Clemens Kathryn L. Close, USAF, Lt. Col, May 1971 to 1 Feb. 1994 ~ Eldron D. Cobb, U.S. Army, 1968 - 1970 1 yr. Vietnam ~ Ross CoderJoshua CofflandRobert CondryGeorge W. Conklin, WWI ~ Chan CookMark CookArthur C. Corbett O. CorbettWilber CorcranKody Edward Corum Steven CoryRussell CottrellBurl R. Covington, US Army and US Marine Corps ~ Lyle J. Covington, US Army ~ Charles CoxShane CoxPaul CoyleGrace Crager, United States Army, Nurse, WW I ~ Olaf CraftMaurice Crew, WWII ~ Clark CrismanEugene CrismanJack Cromer James CromerCarroll Crow, US Navy ~ Joseph R. Crow, United States, Navy, Korean, Vietnam, Grande Chef de Garre, Iowa, 1998 ~Darrell CushmanFrank Custer, WWII


Robert Dahl DeMont DakeWillis Dake Carole O’Deen Daniel, USAF, 1958-1962 ~ Charles Daniel, USN, WWII Veteran, Served in the Pacific ~ Don DanielsonBill Davis, Army ~ Burton M. Davis, Lieutenant Army Air Corps WWII Fighter Pilot/Flight Instructor for the P-61 (black widow) ~ Charlie Davis, Army, Vietnam ~ David Davis, Air Force ~ Gene DavisIvan Davis, USMC ~ John Davis, Navy ~ Lee DemossCharles DenisonJames DeppeEugene Grant Dick USN ~ Gregory Eugene Dick USN retired ~ Donald DillMarvin Dille, WWII ~ William Edmonds, WWII  ~ Garland DixonRandall DorfJ.R. DouglasNed DouglasHarley Bud Downs, WW II ~ Marvin DrenterGerald Dripps, Vietnam ~ Larry Lee Driscol, United States Army ~ Dennis DuelloCharles Dulin ~ Earl Dulin, Army ~Frank Dulin, Navy ~ Marion DulinPearl Dulin, Army ~ Ray Dulin, Army ~ Verle Dulin, Army, WWII ~ Richard Duncalf


Joseph EalyJoseph EarleJames EastwoodLaurel Ebert, WWII ~ Donald R Eckhart, Sergeant, Army WWII ~ Carl EdmondsWilliam Edmonds, WWII ~ Paul EggeMax Elliott, WWII ~ Floyd EllsonDick Ender, Army ~ Raymond Engledow, WWII ~ Bobbi Enos, United States Air Force ~ Bruce EricksonDon EricksonJosh EricksonKeith ErvinArmy 1956-1958 ~ Gail EvansHarold EvansMerrill Evans


Damian FairbanksBreandan FankWallace W. Farmer, WW II ~ Glenn D. FeeTerry W. FeeWayne R. Fee Donald FennernMyron FergusonRonald Ferguson Larry Fett Russell Fett, WWII ~ Ronald Fiebelkorn Eugene FinleyBennett FischerSteve FisherWilbur C. Fisher, WWII, United States Army ~ John Fishel, WWII ~ Bennett Fischer, Army Air Corps, WWII ~ John Fischer, Navy, Vietnam ~ Karl Fischer Sr., Army WWI and WWII ~ Karl Fisher Jr., Navy, WWII ~ Robert FisherJerry FitzgeraldP. FixDan FlaughHarold FlickingerRonald Flickinger Teresa (Flickinger) VopelakBerwyn Ford, WWII ~ Donald Foth, United States Army, WWII ~ Dale FowlerJoe Lynn Fowler, 4th Inf Div., KIA on May 16, 1969 - On May 16 1969 young Vinton resident and warrior Joe L. Fowler made the ulmimate sacrifice for his country as our Pointman in a firefight near An Khe, Vietnam. May he never be forgotten. By John Nolan ~ Henry Fowler, Navy, Vietnam ~ Lyle FowlerCarl Fraeser Robert Fraley, WWII ~ Gary FrameDelos Frater Floyd Freese, WWII ~ Cletus Friedman, Army ~ Brian FrisbieEdward Fry, WWII ~ Wilhelm FuchsDavid FuehrerLyle "Shorty" Fuehrer, Army, Korean War ~ William Fuehrer, Army ~ Loyd Furler, WWII ~ James Fuller Albert Furler, WWII


Kenneth Gaddy, WWII ~ Ronald GageGarth GardemannJames GardnerMaurice R. Gardner ~ Earl Garr, WWII ~ Bert Garwood Charles GarwoodDale GarwoodGeorge GarwoodJack Garwood Thomas GarwoodDavid Gates Judah Gates USMC ~ James Nicholas Gavalas, US Navy, Vietnam ~ Donald R. Geater ~ Lenard GeaterMarch Geater, WWII ~ Ray M. GeaterRoger GeaterArleigh A. Geiger, WWII ~ James Geiger, United States Army and Air Force ~ Ronald GeigerLester Geiger, WWII ~ Warren GeigerStanley GeikenLeo K. Gilchrist, WWI ~ Patrick Gill Dean Gilliatt, WWII ~ Ray Glaudel, Army ~ Robert Glime, U.S. Army, Korea ~ Ronald Glime, U.S. Army, Vietnam ~ Dave Goodell Don GoodellJim GoodellSusan Goodell-Gay Eugene Goss, WWII ~ Robert GlassTodd GloedeVerlus Gloede John Patrick Goggins, Vietnam, Petty Officer 3rd Class ~ George Grantham, WWII ~ Kirk GrayRussell Gray, WWII ~ Terry GrayCarl Greaser, Navy, WWII ~ Dan Greaser, CPT, US Army ~ Garrison Yongsan, in Seoul, Korea ~ Lewis Greaser, United States Army, WWI ~ Virgil GreenwoodGeorge Grieder, WWII ~ John Gualtier, WW II Marion GualtierLeo Gulick, WWII ~ Keith GulickStuart GulickAlfred Gustafson, Army ~ Gary Gustason


Richard Hadley, USN, Vietnam Era ~ Robert Hadley, Army, WWII ~ George HaefnerJerry Haefner Walter Haloupek, WWII ~ Greg Hallberg, United States Army~ George HannaRobert HannemanEldon Hans Albert "Bert" Hansen, Army ~ Gilbert Hansen, United States Army ~ Roger HansenDavid Happel Jim Hargrave, Air Force ~ John HarperDale Havran, Cpl, Army, 1953 - 1955, Engineer, Korea and Guam ~ Clarence HawkinsJonathan Healzer, USMC, enlistment 10/23/2001 He served three tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom, including the initial invasion, and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan ~ Howard Heaton, US Army, WWII, Battle of the Bulge, 82nd & 101st Division ~ Charles HelleLloyd Heller, WWII ~ David C. Henkle, U.S. Army, Vietnam ~ Blake Henkle, United States Marine Corps, Iraq ~ Larry Henkle, US Army, Vietnam Veteran ~ Terry Henkle, Army, Vietnam ~ Dale HenryDennis Henry, USAF ~ Dale HensingGeorge HergerDelmer HesseniusHerman HesseniusJohn Hessenius, Navy, WWII ~ Randy HeubnerDan HigdonLarry HigdonOgden K. Hill Robert J. Hillard, WWI ~ Master Sgt. Retired, Carroll W. Hilmer ~ Gary HilmerDaniel J. Hilton, Navy ~ Erik Hilton, Marines ~ Richard Hines, WWII ~ Steven HiteChester HobbsJames HodgsonCraig HoepnerDick HoganRobert Dale Hogan Navy WWII ~ Don HolmesJeff HolmesWilliam Franklin Hopper 24th Iowa Infantry Co. G ~Merle Horak Kenneth Horning, US Air Force ~ James HowardDennis Hummel Kyle HummelLarry Hurst ~Lavern Husted, WWII ~ James Hyde


Albert Imler, WWI ~ Robert Inman, WWII ~ Roger Inman


Daniel Jabens, Unites States Marine Corps, June 1988-1994 ~ Lewis Jackson, WWII ~ Jeremy JamesJon Janes, Vietnam ~ Hilbert Janssen, Army, Anchorage, Alaska, Korean Conflict ~Jack JeffriesBrad Johnson, CTT2 (E-5), US Navy, 5 years active (Anchorage, AK) and 3 years active reserve ~ Carl Johnson, WWII ~ Dean Johnson, WWII ~ Duane Johnson, USMC ~ Everett Johnson, WWII ~ Jan JohnsonRichard JohnsonRobert W. Johnson - WWII ~ Ronald E Johnson USMC KIA 7/8/67 ~ Zenis JohnsonDavid T. Jones, WWI ~ Glen H. Jones, WWI ~ Norman JonesChristopher Jorgensen


Lester KampmanJohn KarrickTyler KarrickDan Kearns, Navy, 1991-2011 ~ Heather Kearns, Navy, 1995-2006 ~ Jimmy Kearns John Kearns, Navy ~ Edwin Keffer, WWII ~ Bill Keller, Air Force, Major, Vietnam, 21 years, retired 1989 ~ John KelleyJohn Kelly, WWII ~ Shannon KellyGuy Kelso, WWI ~ David KeltyRichard Kelty Darrell Kenney Dick KenneyGerald "Dean" Kenney, Korean Conflict~ Richard KerdusWilfred Kessler, WWII ~ Robert George Kimm, US Army, Died in combat in France November 1, 1918, buried in France ~ George Kimm, WWII ~ John King, WWII ~ David Kirchner, Gulf War ~ Frederick Kirchner ~Norman Kirchner ~ James KirkDavid L Kitner, Vietnam ~ Charles Kleiner Glenn KnaackJack KnaackKeith KnaackJack KnaackKeith KnaackRalph KnaackByron KnuppCarlton Knupp, WWII ~ Glen H. Knupp, WWII ~ Fred Knuth, WWI ~ Robert Kohl, WWII ~ Arthur Koeppen, WWII ~ Peter Koppen, Navy ~Melvin Koehn, Army ~ Larry Koster Lyle KoutneyDon Kramer, Army, Vietnam ~ Gerald Kreutner Russell KreutnerLyle Kubite, WWII ~ Kurt Kueny, Army, Korea~ Tom Beresford Kueny, Vietnam, Mediterranean ~ Richard KruckenbergDonald Krumm, WWII ~ Robert Krumm, WWII ~ Gordon "Windy" Kunz, Marines, WWII


John Lacy Arthur LaGrange, WWI ~ Robert LaGrangeLester Landgrebe, WWII ~ Daniel R. Lane, Army, 1996 - 1998 in the psych field and field medic ~ Howard LaneBruce LangeRonald LarsonGregg E. Latham, Navy ~ Jason LatonLeland LatonJames Laughridge Albert Laucht WWI ~ John LawlessBarry LefstadAndrew LentWilliam Lenton, WWII ~ Marvin LerchLeon LewisThursby Leise, Army, WW II ~ Ralph LiljaJohn Lincoln WWII ~ Alvin Lindahl, Army ~ Harold LindahlHerbert LindahlRichard LindseyTerry Lindsey, United States Navy ~ Charles Linsey Jr. ~ Donald Lint, United States Army, Vietnam ~ Orville Lint Richard Lint, WWII ~ John LipcamonWilliam Loeffers, Navy ~ Eldred Lohrer, WWII ~ Gary Lohrer, Vietnam ~ Harvey Long, WWII ~ Charles Lough, Army ~ Donald LoughJohn G. Lovejoy, WWI ~ Bill LovellLloyd Lovell Sr. ~ Lloyd Lovell Jr. ~ Lyle W. Lovell, Army, Korean ~ Ron Lovell ~ Troy Lovell, George G. Luckey, Army Medical Corp, First Vintonian to die in uniform during WWI ~ Brian P. Lucas, U.S.Coast Guard, Vietnam Era ~ Sarah Fernandez Lucas, US Army ret. ~ Lt. Col. Steven R. Lucas, USMC since 1988, Currently stationed Norfolk, VA ~ Roy LundbergRobert Lutz Herbert Donald Lynch Sgt.,US Army, WWII ~Teri Lynch, Army, Vietnam ~ William Lynch, WW II ~ William J. Lynch, Army ~ Lloyd Laverne Lyons, "Tag", WWII ~ Gentil "Gent" Lyphout, WW II


Mark MacAvaoAlbert Maeder , WWII ~ Lisa Maestas, US Army ~ Daniel MahoneyKenneth MahrDon Mahurin Raymond MaileDuane MangoldTed Mann Rob Morrow, Marines ~ Harold “Curly” Mann ~Wallace Markland, Korean War ~ Wayne Markland, Korean War ~ Gregg MarshallLyle Marter David John Martin, U.S. Marine Corps ~ Dr. Donald Martin, Navy ~ Chuck MartinecDean MartinecMike MartinecClyde Mason, WW II ~ Edward Matthews, WWII ~ Donald Mayhew Frank Mayhew WWII ~ Glenn Mayhew WWII ~ Marlyn MayhewWayne Mayhew WWII ~ Matthew Maynard ~ Max Maynard, Navy ~ Owen Maynard, Navy ~Mark McAvan Stan McCalebDale McClainWayne McClintock, WWI ~ Verne H. McClurg, Marines ~ Larry McDanielJack McDowellL.J. (Jimmy) McFaddenUS Navy,died at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, USS Arizona ~Michael McGowanMyron McGowan, Army ~ Wayne McGowan, Army ~ Dedan McIntryeVernon L. McIntrye Phillip W. McKevitt, WWI ~ Art McLaughlin ~Jerry McNealRaymond McNeal ~Herbert McNeillBert McNittJerry MeadowsMichael Meadows ~ Allan Mealhouse, WWII ~ Carl Meeks, Navy ~ Paul Meeks, Army ~ Elton Melberg, WWII ~ Craig T. Merchant, US Navy Seabees, 1985--1992 ~ Donavon MerchantHarold Merchant, Army ~ James F. MerchantTom Merchant Sergeant Orlie Meskimen ~Jim MessmoreLoren MessmoreEldo H. Meyer U. S. Army ~ Richard H. Meyer, USAF, Korean War ~ Thomas Meyers Jr., WWI ~ Gerald Michael Harold MichaelJohn Michael Larry MichaelRoger D. Midthun, Vietnam 1969-71 ~ Clyde Miller, WWI ~ Dennis MillerElmer MillerJames Miller ~Robert J. Miller, WWI ~ Van Miller -William MilneBoyd Milroy, WWII, Marines ~ Jack Milroy, WWII, Marines ~ James Milroy, WWII, Army ~ Roderic Milroy, Vietnam ~ Alfred Moody, WWII ~ Charlys Moody Merrill MooreRobert Moore ~ Joshua Morris, United States Coast Guard ~ Braxton A. Morrison, Army ~ Brian MorrowWilson Robb MorrowKeith MossmanMarvill Mostrom, Army ~ Andy MottoDaniel MulderDavid Mulder John MulderJohn Jason MullinsAaron Ray MuzingoU.S. Army, Vietnam ~ Glen Alan Muzingo U.S. Navy 6/18/1968 to 10/14/1977, Vietnam 


James NarberTyler T. Naughton, USAF ~ Michael NaylorByron Nelson, WWII ~ Walter Nelson ~ Jeremy Neuzil Norman Newton, WWII ~ William NewtonLtC. Steven Noe, Army ~ Frederick Noren ~ Gerald Novotny

Byron Oehlert , WWII ~ Robert OgierCarl OhrtKeith Ohrt ~ Jack Oliphant Keith OliphantLyman Oppelt, WWII ~ Lawrence Owens


Donald G. Palmer, WWI ~ Benjamin ParmaterClifford Parmater, WWII ~ Jared ParmaterRick Parmater Russell Parmater, WWII ~ Vernon Parmater, Marine ~William Parmater, WWII ~ Clarence Parizek , WWII ~ Valmah Patrilla Leon Pattee. US Army ~ Donald Peacock, WWII ~ Gerald PedersonJack Peterman, WWII ~ Gerald Petermeier Craig PetersenDale PetersenJames Peterson ~MM1 SS Merle Pettengill, 1979-1985, USS Archerfish SSN 678 ~ Doyle Pettit, Army, Vietnam ~ Lawrence Phelps, WWII ~ Edward PickartBilly Pillars US Army 25th Infantry Division, 2005-2010. Served two tours in Iraq ~ Fred Pippert, US Marine Corps, Korea ~ Kevin PippertDavid Pladsen ~ Staff Sgt. Troy David Pladsen, United States Army, Argentina, Germany, 1st 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Fort Bragg ~ Bertha PohlmannJohn PohlmannClaude Pollock Jr., Iowa National Guard ~ George Pollock, U.S. Army Air Corp WWII ~ Jim Pollock, U.S. Army, WWII ~ Ray Pollock, U.S. Army, WWII ~ William (Bill) Pollock, US Army, Germany, Vietnam ! Harry D. Popelka, US Army, 1967-1969, Sgt E-5 ~ Louie Popehagen, WWII ~ James Ponder, WWII ~ Terry Potthoff, USAF, 1972-1980 ~ Bert Powers WWII ~ Eugene Powers WWII ~ George Power WWII ~ John Powers WWII ~ Robert Powers WWII ~ Roger Powers, Vietnam ~ Wilber PowersCharles Prescott, WWII ~ Howard PurdyUnited States Marines ~ Raymond Purdy, United States Army, Vietnam ~ Robert Purdy


Charles "Chuck" RadcliffeRonald Radcliffe, US Navy 1969-1973, 3 deployments to Vietnam aboard the USS Navasota AO-106 ~ Thomas Radcliffe, USMC, 1961-1966 ~ Sgt E5 Earl RaittOliver Rapps, WWII ~ Michael RaueRoy Raue, WWII ~ Harold RectorNolan Reed, Army ~ William Reese, Air Force ~ Riley Reeves, Army ~ Michael ReigeVirgil Reinhart George ReissThomas Reisser Richard Remer, WWII ~ Richard Rethman, Army, Korean War ~Mark Reynolds , WWII ~ Don Richards John O. Rhinehart, United States, Navy, WWII, Korean War ~ Wayne Rhinehart George RiceRobert Rice Ralph RichardsonMyron (Mike) Richart Warren Richart Sr. ~ Ernest RiggleRussell RinkerBill Ripple Roy Rippel Josh Robinson, Army ~ Donald Roepke ~Frank RogersRichard F. RogersRobert C. RogersZachary R. Rogers Dale RommanMarcella RommanOran RommannMarvin Rommann Carlton RootTodd RosonkeAdam Roster Loren Roster, Army ~ Wayne Roster, Army ~Dale Roszell ~ Lyle RoszellWayne Rover ~William "Bill" Rowden, WWII ~ Tex Ruhl, Army, Vietnam ~ James RussellThomas Russom 


Alexander Sagan, Navy ~ Drew SalleeLarry Salger, WWII ~ Howard Sanders, WWII ~ James Sarchett ~ Ed ShaefferUS Navy, Retired ~Milton ScheibArmond L. Scheiner, Navy ~ Paul Scheiner, Air Force ~ Bernard Schellhase ~ Don SchellhaseLowell Schellhase ~David SchirmJackie Holthaus Schlarbaum, United States Navy ~Charles Schlotterback, Army, WW II ~ Frederick Schlotterback, Army, WW I ~ Keith D. Schlotterback, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam ~ Roger W. Schotterback, Navy, WWII ~ Dr. Duane A. Schmidt, Navy ~ Victor SchmidtDean SchminkeTed SchmitzGeorge Schoening, WWII ~ John A. Schomel, WWII, Navy ~ Richard Schoonover ~Orville SchrageA.H. Schueler, KIA France, Sept. 1918, Atkins Post named for him ~ John H. Schuelka Jr., Air Force ~ Eugene SchuelkaDavid SchusslerHarold Schulte Alfred SchwartzWWII Army ~ Kenneth Schwartz, WW II ~ Marion Schwartz, Army, WW II ~ Beryl ScottJosiah Scott, Co. D 12th Infantry, Civil War ~ Raymond Scott, U.S. Army WWII ~ Robert SebastianBrian SeemanDonald L. Selk, SSGT, US Air Force, Vietnam ~ Harlan Selken Andrew Sellers, Marines ~ Leland C. Sellers, Army ~ Tracy SellersDonald ShafferMarvin Shellenberger, WWII ~ Rex Shepherd Thomas Shirley , WWII ~ Jeremy Sills, US Navy ~ Ken SilkerGary SimnacherJohn Simnacher Dod Smalley, WWI ~ Harold Smalley, WWI ~ Ron SmalleyWalter Smalley, WWI ~ Benard Smetzer, WWI ~ Adam Smith, U.S. Navy, 2007 to present, Corpus Christi, TX ~ Albert Smith, WWII ~ Cody Smith ~ Dicky SmithFrank Smith, WWII ~ Ralph SmithLee Smith Jr. ~ Randy SmithAncel E. Snyder, WWI ~ Clarence Snyder ~ Wallace Snyder, WWII ~ Dale Speidel David SpencerGlenn Spragle, WWII ~ Harley Spragle, WWII ~ John Spratte, WW I ~ Harold Stahr, WWII ~ Clyde St. ClairHolland H. St Clair, WWI ~ Earl Stahr, Army ~ LeRoy Staker, US Navy 2000-2009 Iraq ~ Ivan Steffenson, WWII ~ Robert ‘Bob’ SteinbergDuane Steinford, U.S. Army, WWII ~ Leonard Steinford, U.S. Army, WWII ~ Margil Steinford, U.S. Navy 1946-1977 E-8, U.S.S. George Washington SSBN-598 ~ SSGT Marvin Steinford, U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII ~ Russell Steinford, U.S. Army, WWII ~ Milton Stoll, WWII ~ John StiegelmeyerAaron StreeterCraig Streeter ~ Bill Strong Gene StueckKent StufflebeamCarl SummesMary SummyWilliams SummyDale SuttonFrank Svoboda, WWII ~ Michal SwallomJohn Swan, WWII


Frank Teffer U.S. Army, Korea ~ Shirley TeneyckCarroll J. Ternus, USMC 1956-1958 ~ Carl TharpDennis Tharp Burton Thomsen, WWII ~ Dennis Thompson Rex ThompsonAlbert Thompsen Mark TimmerHamilton W. Tobin, WWI ~ Louis P. Tobin, WWI ~ Dale Torpey, US Navy ~ Phil TorpeyBill TravisBrad Trester, Army ~ Gregory Trester, Navy ~ Orville TrimbleKenneth TroeSteven TroeBenny Troxel, United States Army ~ Alvin Harrison TurnerArmy ~ Del F Turner, Navy ~ Walter L. TurnerNavy ~ William Edward TurnerNavy


Robert UmbenstockKadel Urice, Army ~ Charles W. Urmey, WWI ~ John J. Urmey, WWI ~ Art Uthoff Jr. ~ George Uthoff Gerald Uthoff Roger UthoffStanley UthoffBob Utterback


Richard Van FossenRay Van Steenhuyse, United States Army, nose gunner, North Africa and Italy ~ "Frank" Walter Van Steenhuyse, United States Army, 1971-73 ~ Henry G. Van Eschen PFC, US Army, 1943-1946. Served in the 13th Medical Battalion: China, Burma, India. WWII ~ Harold VanscoyMarion VaupelJack Van Wechel Gerald VestRandy VestHarold Vig, WWII


William WachtChristopher WagnerCale Waldorg, Army Air Corp ~ Neil Waldorf, United States Marines ~ Bradley WalkerNorman WalkerRay WalterElmo L. Walters, WWI ~ Myron Walthart, Navy, WWII ~ Frank WarnerDale Watson, Army ~ Jason WatsonJohn WatsonHarold Wiedlitz, WWII ~ Harold Webert, WWII ~ PFC Ben Weekly US MARINES CORPS 2013(Present) ~ Russell WeisertRichard WelbesVictor Westphal , WWII ~ Kenneth Werning, WWII ~Darrell WerningRobert WerningRalph WesslingWayne Wetzel Robert Whelan Harold B. White, WWI ~ Marlyn White William WhiteDon Whitson John WhitsonMaurice WhitsonRichard WhitsonVernon Wieditz, Korean War ~ Ross Wiley ~ Donald W. Wilhelm, United States Air Force, Korean Conflict ~ Joseph E Wilhelm US Army WWII ~ Channing Williams, WWII ~ Edward Z Williams, Army, Civil War, 59th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, took part in General Sherman's march to the sea, buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Shellsburg ~ D. WilliamsKenneth Williams Lonnie WilliamsLyle WilliamsRichard WilliamsRalph B. Wilson WWII Navy ~ Nolan D. Winans, Army ~ Renee Brehm-Williams Desert Shield/Storm, Army ~ Wallace A. Winnegar, WWI ~ Norbert Winsor, United States Army, Vietnam ~ Paul L. Wirth, Korea ~ William WolfeDouglas WoodGlen Wood, WWI ~ Jay W. Wood, Coast Guard, 1990-present ~ Dave Woods, Navy, Vietnam ~ Dr. Alan S. Woodhouse Lieutenant, U.S. Public Health Service: assigned to the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, N.J. 1969 - 1971 Vietnam ~ Dr. Keith Woodhouse WWII ~ Dr. Stanley R. Woodhouse USAF WWII ~ Homer Woodson, WWII ~ James F. Woolison US Army WWII ~ Lloyd Worthen, WWII ~ Roger Wutzke ~ Wayne G Wutzke KIA May, 1970, 1st Air CAv, KIA in Cambodia ~ Alan WyckoffMarshall Wyckoff, WWI ~ Richard Wyckoff, Vietnam ~ Russell Wyckoff, WWII ~ Ted Wyckoff


William Yavorsky, WWII ~ Gale YerkesDelbert L. Yocum - Navy ~ V. J. Youel, WWI ~ Steven Young, US Air Force, Vietnam ~ SGT Wanda Young 1998-2003 US Army ~ Charles Yundt, Air Force


John R. Zahn, Army ~ Bernard ZimpferMark Zobac

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