We're asking for your help in reporting sightings of Iowa's secretive gray fox!

Gray foxes are different than the more common red fox (check the ID guide below). Gray fox were listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Iowa in 2015 based on a decline in the gray fox population observed over the past 25 years. Similar trends have been noted in several other Midwestern states. We want to learn more about their habitat and research possible causes into their population decline.

If you spot a live gray fox or have trail cam footage, contact our biologists with location info: Dave Hoffman (david.hoffman@dnr.iowa.gov) or Vince Evelsizer (vince.evelsizer@dnr.iowa.gov).

If you see a dead gray fox (roadkilled, etc), please send location info to: Rachel Ruden (Rachel.ruden@dnr.iowa.gov) or Vince Evelsizer (vince.evelsizer@dnr.iowa.gov).

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