Please join us at the Vinton Skate Center on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, from 4:00-5:30 to honor our retirees and award winners of the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District.

A brief program will be held at 4:30.

VSEA the 2023 retirees who will be recognized are listed below:

Cindy Karr, 35 Years

Le Cox, 34 Years

Marty Annis, 34 Years

Joan Beatty, 31 Years

Ann Gordon, 31 Years

Shelly Petersen, 29 Years

Scott Garwood, 28 Years

Roxann Harms, 27 Years

Jodi Anderson, 26 Years

Nancy Donahue, 20 Years

Diane Lindsey, 16 Years

Kris Hallberg, 13 Years

Louise Lazenby, 12 Years

VSEA 2023 Honorees:

Educator of the Year, Le Cox

Member of the Year, Cherie Neblung

Support Staff of the Year: Melissa Callahan and Roxann Harms

Friends of Education- Retired VSCSD Employees: Rhonda Barron, Lisa Boeckmann, Den Garbers, Terese Husnik, Rosalee Sturtz and Denise Wiley. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and share their well wishes!


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