By: Co-Reporter, Juliana Luis

On November 10th, 11th, and 13th chapter members volunteered to help set up the lights and roping all around town in cooperation with the GoVS Scholarship Committee.

November 10th consisted of organizing the roping, lights, and bows to be put out on the storefronts in the back parking lot to make the following day's events run smoother.

November 11th FFA members helped hang the roping all around town until sun down. Community members and students in NHS helped out with the setup on Saturday. The volunteers continued on Monday the 13th with the remainder of the roping and making sure everything looked great.

Mr. Duane Fisher awarded the volunteers with donuts as a thank you for lending a hand to the community. The community is excited for the winter season and it's safe to say that the greenery around town adds a nice touch for the holiday season.


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