Happy December! It's hard to believe yet exciting that Christmas is so close already!

Here at the Benton County Angel Tree we have been busy getting kiddos signed up, and the tags have been distributed for adoption at three local banks: Cedar Valley Bank, Farmers Bank, and US Bank.

Please remember that we also accept donations of cash or gift cards! We have receipts available (if you need one for tax purposes) just request them. We use the gift cards to bless the teenagers who often do not get adopted, as their wishes include much more valuable items than younger kiddos, and they are harder to shop for.

We are in DESPERATE NEED of a space to host our distribution this year. If you know of any space available or would like details of our exact needs, please contact LaNette Parker 319-521-1496 or Macey Stout 319-721-6675.

We need the space IMMEDIATELY to store and sort all the donations and gifts received.

Thank you for all of your time and donations, and we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

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