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The building known as Faith Independent Baptist Church, located at 911 D. Ave. in Vinton, has been holding services since it was built in 1882. Before it was a Baptist church, it was a Free Methodist church and started originally as the Catholic Church. Several congregations have passed through these doors and the Baptist services continue to this day.

You will find the congregation meeting every Sunday mornings as usual, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Faith, as the church attendees call it for short, is next door to the old West School building on the corner of D. Ave. and 10th St.

Pastored by Cliff Bennett, who came to Vinton with his wife, Connie, in February 2012, following ministering in Albia, Iowa in the early '80s, then working as a School Principal in Kansas for several years, Rev. Bennett served in Black River, New York from 1989-2004. The couple also spent about 10 years evangelizing while they cared for Cliff's father in his own home.

He continued in evangelism until accepting his current position in Vinton. Both Cliff and Connie are from Ottumwa, and graduated from OHS as high school sweethearts, and have been married 54 years. The couple has six children, but lost two in infancy; they now have eight grandchildren.

Both Cliff and Connie work at the Vinton Public Library. Connie can be found during the day among the books, while Cliff cares for the building as the custodian.

Be sure to stop in and say hello to Cliff and Connie on Sunday morning at 10:30 if you are in search of a church home!

Everyone is welcome!


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