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In a Work Session on Thursday night, the city council heard from Nate Kass who represents the city in construction projects that happen in Vinton. He explained the need for the reconstruction of a portion of 1st St. West. The last section that was poured used the incorrect aggregate materials so it will have to be torn out and reconstructed this year.

The materials used did not measure up to the requirements for the road. The beds that the aggregate came from had not been tested to see if it met the DOT requirement. Construction was completed before the testing was completed. The materials needed to be below 25 and it came in above 50.

Kass explained that the way that the street broke up when it was removed was an example of materials used that didn't have the proper durability. When salt and deicers are applied, he explained that it drives moisture into the concrete and then when it freezes and thaws it cracks from the inside out. The former street was built like this and is estimated to have been from 1977 or 1978.

This street goes to the county sheds where the trucks haul salt down that street, so it is the most vulnerable of all the city streets with both the weight of the trucks and the salt that they carry.

Ken Cline, of Manatt's addressed the council and explained that the company understood the mistake. He does feel that there is some worth to the street. Understanding that it won't last as long as it maybe should. He asked for more discussion to see if the city could just give them a penalty on it and use it toward replacing that section of the road. He suggested as much as a six-figure amount would be worth discussing.

The DOT did not agree to any sort of penalty for the street and informed the city that if they took even a 100% deduction, they would not participate in replacing that portion of the street. At this time, the DOT participates in 80% of the cost of the street.

The DOT recommends to remove and replace the section. There is no leniency from the DOT.

Currently, the project is 19.5 days over the contract agreement and is being charged $1,000 per day as a penalty for that. There is also still work that has to be done which could include removing and replacing the section of the street. Work could begin again on April 1.

The council felt like it wasn't worth the risk leaving it as is.

To watch the meeting click below


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HS February 9, 2024, 3:32 pm Will they be replacing the ruff section ? I thought a smooth street was the purpose of this project. When you start with it this ruff how bad will it be in five years?

Editors note: This was just from my work session the council has taken no formal action. It does sound like the council believes it should be corrected now.
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