By Co-Reporter, Juliana Luis

Tuesday, January 30th was a spectacular day for Vinton-Shellsburg FFA seniors. Jerry Lee, Matthew Bookmeier, Kevin Heckmann, Laura Manning, Kelcie Appleby, and Grayce McClintock traveled to Des Moines to visit the capitol building. Throughout the day, members talked to Legislators and encouraged them to support future changes and policy-making decisions regarding agriculture education. The members also had the opportunity to tour the top of the capitol building. "Representative, Tom Gerhold took us to the top of the capital and showed us the view of Des Moines. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. It was so beautiful" Senior, Grayce McClintock, described her experience. By the end of the day, Vinton-Shellsburg FFA seniors felt uplifted about decisions being made regarding the future of agriculture.


First photo:

Back Row (L-R) Jerry Lee, Matthew Bookmeier, Kevin Heckmann, Laura Manning

Front Row (L-R) Kelcie Appleby, Grayce McClintock

Second photo:

Vinton-Shellsburg and Benton Community FFA members talk to Charlie McClintock, member from the Iowa State Senate.


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