Caption: The Benton Community FFA Parliamentary Procedure team of Alex Welte, Tegan Bertka, Evan Patterson, JR Becker, and Belle Werner earned a gold rating and will be advancing to district competition on March 9th at Waukon High School

Amanda Schnor, Chapter Reporter

On February 21st, Benton Community FFA members gathered at Hawkeye Community College as thirty-three passionate members showcased what they have spent weeks preparing. Sub-Districts held 11 different leadership development events for members to compete in with the opportunity to advance to higher levels of competition.

The Parliamentary Procedure team of JR Becker, Tegan Bertka, Evan Patterson, Alex Welte, and Belle Werner secured a gold rating, earning them a spot at the upcoming Northeast District Convention, set to take place at Waukon High School on March 9th. Across various contests, members of the chapter had much success. Conduct of Meeting: Alissa Zimmermann, Kaden Wright, Lysi Wiley, Evelynn McMahon, Madi Kenny, Bella De Nooy, and Hannah Sadler, earning a gold rating and were Alternates to Districts. Job Interview: William Kroneman earned a gold. Ag Sales: Marcus Ricklefs earned a gold. Ag Broadcasting: Amanda Schnor earned a silver. Extemporaneous Speaking: Jordan Voelkel earned a bronze.

In addition to these individual accomplishments, several members participated in the Greenhand and Chapter Quizzes, further demonstrating the talents within the chapter:

In the Greenhand Quiz, Nova Selck claimed the top spot with a gold, followed closely by 2nd place Payton Armstrong, with Brianna Gahring and Madi Kenny earning gold. Receiving silver were Kaden Wright, Hannah Sadler, Hunter Kupka, Katelyn Convington, Megan Houge, Evelynn McMahon, Jordan Voelkel, Kasie Bruns, Alissa Zimmermann, Halle Sobaski, Colton Kroneman, Bella De Nooy, Cole Schanbacher, Asa Frese and receiving bronze were Lysi Wiley and Cylee Nolan. In the Chapter Degree Quiz, Courtney Hlas, JR Becker, Cade Volesky, and Katilynn Guldner excelled with gold ratings, Belle Werner took silver and Alex Welte and Bodee Volesky earned bronze.

Alongside the Parliamentary Procedure team competing at districts, chapter members plan to participate in Greenhand and Chapter Quiz, Experience the Action, Chapter Website, Ag CSI and Ag Impact, as well as officer books. Members' achievements not only show dedication and hard work but also emphasize the vital role FFA plays in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow within the world of agriculture and beyond.


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