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Samantha Faith Bevans, 34 formerly of Palo, will face a jury trial in Benton County District Court this week. Jury selection was held on Monday, with 110 jurors being summoned.

Charged with first-degree murder for the killing of her stepmother, Jodie Bevans, Samantha will be tried in the Benton County Courthouse. This is the same location of the trial and conviction of her boyfriend Tacoa Talley, 38 of North Liberty.

Talley was convicted of first-degree murder a little over a year ago. Sentenced to life in prison and is serving his sentence in the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa.

The two had entered the home of Jodie Bevans on July 14, 2022, where Jodie was asleep and the two allegedly attacked her resulting in her death.

The trial for Samantha is expected to last one week. Judicial District Judge Chad Kepros will be presiding over the case.

In the criminal complaint, Samantha stated that she had made threats to her stepmother. A note written by the accused on her calendar included the words, "Kill Jodie," on the day of the murder. She later admitted to police that she had indeed killed her stepmother along with Talley's help.

She later bragged about the murder via Snapchat. This video was shared in court during the Talley trial. Following the murder, she was on camera bragging about the murder saying, "I killed her. I killed her myself!" Talley encouraged her to continue bragging. "We killed her," Samantha continued. Another witness had also testified at the Talley trial that they had heard her talking about the killing and had threatened the witness with the same fate if they spoke about it to anyone else.

Talley had been banned from the home by the father and stepmother, but the couple had allowed Samantha to move back in during 2022. She was later kicked out of the home because of drug use.

The trial for Samantha will begin on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 9:00 a.m..


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