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By: Co-Reporter, Izzie Birker

The annual 3rd Grade Ag Day event was held at the fairgrounds on Wednesday, May 1st. 3rd graders from schools in Benton County were invited to participate in the rotations to learn about various animals and safety in agriculture settings.

Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members were asked to assist with teaching stations about pigs, chickens, rabbits, and horses. They also helped lead groups around to different stations in addition to overseeing operations by setting up tables, gates, and keeping facilities clean.

Freshman member, Bridgette Castle shared, "This was my first year getting to teach a station and it was fun to see how much I've learned myself since I attended in 3rd Grade." Sophomore member, Will McKenna added, "This event is important to educate about agriculture at a young age since all of these students will be consumers, and we want them to be informed about where their food comes from."

FFA members would like to thank Greg Walston and Duane Fisher for their continued efforts in organizing events like this to emphasize the importance of agriculture in our rural communities.

Additionally, they would like to shout out a thanks to the local Pork Producers that prepared lunch for everyone on the chilly day!


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