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Say "Yes!" To Rounding Up At Fareway

For the week of Monday, May 13th through Saturday, 18th, you will have the opportunity to support your local Salvation Army Service Extension Unit.

Please say "Yes" to rounding up at the check-out at Fareway. This will help provide resources for requests for assistance with rent, utilities, etc. We appreciate and say a heartfelt "thank you" in advance for your compassion and generosity!

Things We Do...

In 2023 we assisted nearly 100 families in Benton County ((includes 129 adults and 97 children) with

* rent, utility bills, medical bills, repairs, etc

* continue to assist Cedar Rapids Corps with distribution of sack lunches at area homeless shelters on Saturday mornings

One of our own, Chaplain Brian Reeves recently accepted a 1 week deployment to Nebraska and Western Iowa to assist folks in the emotional and spiritual recovery of recent devastating storm damage. Watch for the upcoming story.

Remember these 3 things about Salvation Army Units like ours in Benton County:

* That 90% of the money donated here stays in Benton County.

* It exists to help the local community during a disaster, or for individual hardship, like rent, utility bills, etc.

* It is made up entirely of volunteers.

Please call 319-560-1921 to inquire about volunteering or for any questions.

Currently, our Benton County team supports the Cedar Rapids Salvation Army team by taking rotations to operate the canteen truck that delivers sack lunches to the homeless, and the shelters in Cedar Rapids on Saturday mornings.

Giving Can Be Year-Round !

If you want to mail your donation, send it to:

Salvation Army, Benton County Service Extension, 1201 C. Ave, Vinton, IA 52349

(We are a 501c(3) You will get a receipt for tax purposes.)

You can also give by clicking on this link:!/donation/checkout


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