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Updated: April 30 If you drive on U.S. 218 in Vinton you need to be aware of an upcoming construction project that may impact your trip according to the Iowa Department of Transportation's Cedar Rapids construction office.

Beginning on Monday, May 13 until late June, weather permitting, crews will close part of U.S. 218 in Vinton so culvert replacement work can take place.

While the roadway is closed and work is taking place, you will follow a marked detour route using Benton County roads E-22 and V-66 and U.S. 218/Iowa 8.

Help keep everyone on the road safer. Drive with caution, obey the posted speed limit and other signs in the work area, and be aware that traffic fines for moving violations are at least double in work zones. As in all work zones, you should stay alert, allow ample space between vehicles, and wear seat belts.

Editor's note: Prepare to take gravel for the detour. If you need to go to Mt. Auburn, the shortest route is to turn right when headed north on 218, crossing the tracks and follow the gravel road. This will take you to the Mt. Auburn blacktop.

To go toward LaPorte take a left, and then hit the nearest gravel road to your right.


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PS May 13, 2024, 12:54 pm We still do not have a map of the specific section closed, instead have "crews will close part of U.S. 218 in Vinton so culvert replacement work can take place."? _Vinton Today_, please do better.

Editor's Note: That is the only press release by the IDOT about the construction. I drove out there this morning. The road is closed in front of TJ Gas. I have no idea how far it's closed. There is a map included in the story photos for you to look at. That's the best I can do for ya, sorry!
DM May 14, 2024, 5:46 am Editor Your map is exactly what the DOT has on its web site. Im not sure what PS wants ? If they were worried about it when the marking flags put there would show exactly where it was . How you just have to walk and find out. Thanks for heads up 2 weeks ago! Poor people on gravel there will be a little extra dust now !
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