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What is the Primary Election?

The Primary Election is held for the members of political parties to nominate candidates for the General Election.

Party Affiliation

The biggest difference between the Primary Election and all other elections is that a voter's party affiliation matters. Only voters who are registered with the Democratic, Libertarian or Republican parties are allowed to vote in the Primary Election.

Voters can declare or change their affiliation when casting a ballot at the polls or absentee voting.

Voters can switch their party affiliations back after the Primary Election is over.

35% Needed for Nomination

In order to win a political party's nomination and have their names placed automatically on the General Election ballot, candidates must:

1. Receive more votes than anyone else in their political party for that office.


2. Receive at least 35% of the votes cast for that office by members of their political party.

Write-In Votes in Primary Election

Write-in votes are allowed and the candidate with the most votes is declared nominated as long as they received 35% of the votes. There is no "next highest vote-getter" provision in the Primary Election. If a person who was nominated by write-in vote declines the nomination, the political party will have to nominate a candidate by convention for the General Election.

It is possible for a candidate to get nominated for another political affiliation by write-in votes.

No candidate nominated at Primary Election

If there is not a candidate listed under a party affiliation, that party can nominate a candidate under County Convention to be placed on the General Election ballot.

Rotation of names

Rotation of names is required on Primary Election ballots if any office in which a candidate is running opposed.

Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots can be voted in the Auditor's office starting May 15, last day they can be voted in the Auditor's office is June 3.

The first day that the Auditor's office can mail Absentee ballots is May 15, last day they can be mailed is May 20.

We can accept Absentee Ballot request forms at this time if you would like one mailed to you.


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